Demonstrating the Business Case for D&I: Stories from Asia

Ongoing research of Community Business' Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN)


Business Case Stories from Asia

Community Business is looking to identify 12-16 compelling stories from across the region (3-4 for each of the following markets: China, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore), that clearly demonstrate the business case and business impact of embracing diversity and inclusion. 


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Why Nominate?

Companies whose stories are selected will enjoy the following profiling and branding benefits:

Public acknowledgement that your story has been selected for inclusion
Double page spread presenting your business case story, based on a follow up telephone interview with Community Business
Branding opportunities associated with promotion of the report, eg This publication features business case stories from: ABC Company, XYZ Company
Opportunity to participate in virtual and live events promoting the research
Online exposure - DIAN website and social media

Successful Stories

Community Business will announce which stories have been selected. We will then work with the individual companies to gather the content to compile the full story by conducting a telephone interview.  Once drafted, the stories will be passed to the company for review and approval before publication. Nominations that are not selected, but meet the selection criteria, may also be featured online in summary form.

Selection Criteria

Stories will be selected on the following basis - with a focus on demonstrating different aspects of the business case in different markets in Asia:

1.     RELEVANCE: Does the business case story relate to an approach that is being adopted in one of the 4 markets that are the focus of this resource, ie China, Hong Kong, Japan or Singapore?

2.     STRATEGIC: Does the approach to diversity and inclusion meet a clearly defined set of objectives, targets and/or goals?  Is the company clear about what it is trying to achieve?

3.     APPROACH: What aspect of diversity and inclusion does this business case story address?  To what extent is the approach interesting and compelling?  To what extent is the approach tailored to the local market context? Does it relate to the organisation as a whole, or a specific team or line of business?

4.     IMPACT: Does the approach to diversity and inclusion demonstrate impact? Is the company able to articulate the impact in quantifiable terms, including ROI?

What we are looking for

Your business case stories may fall under the following areas:

1. Competitive Advantage:


Approaches to diversity and inclusion that enable companies to: reflect and understand the needs of different stakeholders; drive creativity and innovation; tap new markets and win new customers - ultimately driving increased revenue and market share.

Some examples of quantifiable impact measurement:
  • Changes in market share
  • Tapping into new consumer markets
  • New product development
  • Sales & revenue generation
  • New stakeholder engagement
2. Employer of Choice:


Approaches to diversity and inclusion that enable companies to: access a wide pool of talent; attract and retain talent; ensure high levels of employee engagement, productivity and performance; and differentiate employer brand.


Some examples of quantifiable impact measurement:

  • Attrition
  • Retention
  • Pipelining
  • External awards & recognition

3. Risk & Reputation:

Approaches to diversity and inclusion that enable companies to: meet current requirements for higher levels of corporate governance and compliance; mitigate risk and manage reputation; and meet local regulations.


Some examples of quantifiable impact measurement:

  • Media coverage
  • External awards & recognition
  • Penalties & compliance


How to Submit Nominations

To nominate a compelling business case story from your company, please complete the nomination form and send it to Matthew Yu by Tuesday 15 September 2015. 

For  Further Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tina Arcilla


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