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 LGBT Resource Guide for Employers in China

In Sept 2013, with sponsorship from Goldman Sachs and IBM, Community Business launched groundbreaking research on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) workplace inclusion in China. The research provides recommendations for employers and is illustrated with examples of best practice.



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Executive summary available in English and Simplified Chinese
Resources Guide (full version) available in English and Simplified Chinese

LGBT in China

Being one of the biggest economies of the world, Chinaˇ¦s strong domestic demand and strategic outbound investment has cemented Chinaˇ¦s influence over businesses, investors and communities across the world. Multinational companies across a wide range of sectors have established significant presence in China, with some moving global headquarters to major cities, for example Shanghai, to leverage the proximity to their key markets in Asia. Home-grown Chinese businesses and joint ventures have flourished in both size and competitiveness in major industries such as technology, telecommunications, utilities and insurance.

As companies in China continue to operate and compete in a globalised and interconnected world, the need for companies to distinguish themselves as industry leaders means that there is an increasing need for driving innovation, diversity of thought and better corporate governance.

Despite significant changes in social attitudes towards LGBT individuals, sexual orientation and gender identity remain sensitive subjects in both society and, even more so, in the workplace. There is an assumption of heterosexuality - few people are openly gay and there is enormous family pressure to get married and maintain the family line.

However, a more active civil society has emerged in the last decade or so, with organisations serving and advocating for the rights of LGBT individuals and their families sprinkled across this vast country. Access to the internet, an active social media scene and an increasingly curious and open-minded media has also been pivotal in changing the LGBT landscape in China. Whether companies in China can withstand the winds of change or will lead the way towards a more equal workplace and society, remains to be seen.

Community Business believes that companies in China has ample opportunities to create positive change. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with its partners to facilitate greater understanding on this topic in China and drive the adoption of best practice with regard to creating more inclusive workplaces for LGBT employees. The publication of our forthcoming LGBT Resource Guide for China is a key step in this regard.


Our work on LGBT workplace inclusion in Asia

Since 2009, Community Business has been encouraging companies to adopt best practice in promoting equality for LGBT employees.


Following the launch of our LGBT Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong in June 2010, and in India in 2012 Community Business has continued to raise awareness on this important topic ˇV running workshops and seminars and supporting companies to take positive action ˇV not only in Hong Kong and India, but around the region. Many companies have begun work to create inclusive workplace as a result of the Guide and the training and awareness sessions run by Community Business.

We have also developed an Online Resource for companies looking for practical ways to create a more inclusive workplace.

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