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Work-Life Balance Week:

 16-20 October 2017

Work-Life Balance Week provides a platform for organisations to demonstrate their commitment to work-life balance and raises awareness of work-life balance as a strategic issue in Hong Kong and across Asia. Since 2008, over hundreds of companies and organisations across Asia have participated by holding work-life activities and initiatives during the Week. This year marks its 10th anniversary and the Week will be taking place from 16 to 20 October 2017. Community Business invites companies in both Hong Kong and the wider Asia region to participate and drive change across borders.

Let’s have a sneak peek at what’s in store for our Work-Life Balance Week this year:

  • Mid Sept - End Oct: Social Media Campaign
    A social media campaign aimed at promoting employee wellbeing, including mental health, will be launched on your favorite social media networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We invite you to engage with us on social media. Stay tuned to get inspired!    

  • Oct. 10:  Webinar: "Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace"
    Each year, WHO’s World Mental Health Day is on October 10, and this year’s theme is “Mental Health in the Workplace”, a topic closely related to work-life balance. To increase awareness of this important issue, a webinar will be organized on Oct 10. Those who have signed up for Work-life Balance Week 2017 can enjoy free access to the webinar. Click here to register!

  • 16-20 October: Work-Life Balance Week
    Click here for more details about the Week and how to join.

  • Oct 20 (Fri) afternoon – Half-day Retreat to T · PARK
    What better way to be inspired than to take a half-day retreat to T · PARK where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery and relaxing spa facilities? Come join us to enjoy a leisure walk in the T · Garden as well as a mindfulness retreat at T · Spa! This is also an opportunity to embrace and appreciate the concept of upcycling and waste-to-energy. Participation will be determined on a first-come-first-served basis, in view of the limited capacity of the guided tour. For more information, please contact

  • Early Nov: Work-Life Balance Seminar
    As a wrap-up for our Work-life Balance campaign this year, we are planning a seminar in early Nov (exact date to be confirmed) which will be free of charge for all Practicing and Participating Organisations. This would be a golden opportunity for executives, human resources and training practitioners to enjoy some facetime with our speakers and learn from other companies on what they did on Work-Life Balance Week. More details will be announced in due course.



Practicing and Participating Organisation

We invite all organisations, large, small, profit or non-profit, from all industries, whether in Hong Kong or other parts of Asia, to participate in this campaign. There are two categories in the participation of Work-Life Balance Week.

Practicing Organisations (實踐機構)

All companies which have provided sufficient information about their relevant policies in the registration form, demonstrating that they are moving forward their work-life balance journey by formulating relevant policies and putting these measures into standard practices.

Participating Organisations (參與機構)

All companies which have pledged that they will organise activities and/or launch new initiatives to promote work-life balance during the Work-Life Balance Week.

Advocate Companies

Advocate Companies provide special offers to participating organisations as a way to support Work-Life Balance Week. These offers include tailor-made workshops, programmes, or discount rates that organisations can use to promote work-life balance to their employees.

Supporting Organisations

A Supporting Organisation is an organisation, for profit or not-for-profit, which has been invited by Community Business to support Work-Life Balance Week by promoting the Week to their network.



Community Business and its member companies are dedicated to raising awareness of work-life balance as a business issue. As part of this commitment,
over a decade running Community Business has commissioned research to assess the state of work-life balance in Hong Kong. Conducted by the Public Opinion Programme at The University of Hong Kong, this annual study has become the leading reference point on this issue.

Findings from the 2006 - 2015 surveys repeatedly show that employees in Hong Kong are dissatisfied with their work-life balance which is impacting their productivity, health and relationships with family and friends. They believe that senior business leaders and their employers can do more to address the situation.

Awareness-raising campaign
In order to raise the awareness of work-life balance as a critical business issue, Community Business has been engaging the business sector through educational workshops, training sessions and consultancy work. In addition, Community Business has run an awareness-raising campaign, introducing Work-Life Balance Day in Hong Kong for the first time in October 2008, which then expanded to a Week every October and extended across Asia. By focusing companies’ efforts on showing commitment to work-life balance and providing visible support to their employees during the Week, this campaign has proven the power of collective action in raising awareness of an important issue to the business community.


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