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Community Business is the official Hong Kong partner of Business in the Community in the UK and is an active member of its Global Partner Network.

Community Business believes that in order to promote CSR as widely as possible, a collaborative approach is essential. Community Business welcomes the opportunity to partner with other CSR related organisations and is proud to be associated with the following global and local organisations and initiatives.

Global Partner

Principal Partner

Asia Pacific
Australia, Positive Outcomes
India, Centre for Social Markets
Indonesia, Indonesia Business Links
Japan, IEC
Japan, NPO Center
New Zealand, United Way (NZ) Inc
Pakistan, Responsible Business Initiative
Philippines, Philippine Business for Social Progress
Sri Lanka, Society for Corporate Social Responsibility
Taiwan, The Taiwan Council for Sustainable Development
Thailand, Population & Community Development Association
Thailand, The Corporate Social Responsibility Centre in Thailand
Vietnam, Global Standards
Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility Singapore

Austria, European Centre for Social Policy Research
Austria, NPO Institute
Belgium, Link Inc
Czech Republic, Hestia
Denmark, Discus A/S
Finland, Finnish Business and Society
France, IMS
Germany, Fundis Netz fuer Burgerengagement
Germany, Hammerbacher
Hungary, Civil Society Development Fondation Hungary
Iceland, Ice Tec
Ireland, Business in the Community Ireland
Israel, Matan
Italy, Sodalites
Netherlands, Community Partners Consultants
Netherlands, NOV
Norway, Tid for Andre
Poland, Civil Society Development Foundation Poland
Portugal, Parcerias Empresariais e Consultadoria
Romania, Pro Vobis National Volunteer Centre
Spain, Fundacion Empresa y Sociedad
Sweden, Mentor Sverige
Switzerland, Philias Foundation

North America
US, Springboard

South America
Brazil, IDIS
Brazil, Instituto Ethos

International Business Leaders Forum, ENGAGE Campaign

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Local Partners

Community Business is proud to be associated with the following Hong Kong based organisations and initiatives:
(in alphabetical order)

ACCA Hong Kong Awards for Sustainability Reporting
Community Business is an endorser of the award. The aim of the Award is to identify and reward innovative attempts to communicate corporate performance in environmental or sustainability reporting.

The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia
Community Business is an associate member of The Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia. ASrIA is a not for profit, membership association dedicated to promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice in the Asia Pacific region.

Business Environment Council
Community Business is an associate member of the Business Environment Council whose mission is to advocate the business case for sustainable development, and encourage the uptake of practices, which reduce waste, conserve resources, prevent pollution and improve corporate environmental and social responsibility.

Caring Company Scheme, Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Community Business is one of the supporting organisations of the scheme which aims to build a caring community spirit through cultivating corporate citizenship and strategic partnership between business and social service sector.

Corporate Environmental Governance Program, the University of Hong Kong
Community Business and the Corporate Environmental Governance Program of the University of Hong Kong carried out the survey "Corporate Social Responsibility: A Survey of Best Practice" jointly with support from the American Chamber of Commerce.

General Education Unit, the University of Hong Kong
Community Business and the General Education Unit of the University of Hong Kong launched the World Bank Institute Course on "Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Competitiveness".

HSBC Living Business Series & Awards
Community Business is a supporting organisation of the HSBC Living Business Series & Awards

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