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Community Business is a not-for-profit organisation (Hong Kong Charity Number 91/6560) whose mission is to lead, inspire and support businesses to have a positive impact on people and communities. A recognised leader in advancing responsible and inclusive business practices in Asia, Community Business facilitates networks, conducts research and events, leads programmes and campaigns and provides training and consultancy.  Our focus on responsible business is aligned to 5 mission-led themes: 

         Building responsible leadership

         Investing in local communities

         Tackling workplace inequality

         Ensuring employee wellbeing

         Promoting social inclusion

Founded in 2003 and based in Hong Kong with a presence in India and the United Kingdom, Community Business works with companies of all sizes and from diverse industries across Asia, harnessing the power of business to drive social change.

In view of different needs and goals of companies and organisations, Community Business establishes various membership networks with unique focus. These member companies are provided with a number of platforms to exchange inspirational ideas, learn and share best practices, address challenges, and take action together to drive responsible and inclusive business practices, and ultimately positive social change.

Community Business looks to serve not only our member companies, but also the broader business community. We do this through workshops and seminars, campaigns and initiatives, conducting of research and the development and production of publications to promote awareness and further understanding of responsible and inclusive business practice in Asia.


All information in this document is provided for general information only and is not in the nature of advice. It should not be relied upon for any purpose and Community Business Limited (CBL) makes no warranty or representation and gives no assurance as to its accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose.  Inclusion of information about a company, programme or individual in this publication does not indicate CBLs endorsement.  Where cited, you should refer to the primary sources for more information.  This report does not necessarily reflect the views of CBL member companies or the sponsors of this report.  CBL reserves the right to make alterations to any of its documents without notice.

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