Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a popular term. However it is a complex subject and there is no universally accepted definition. The one we like to use at Community Business is:

CSR is about companies achieving commercial success in ways that honour ethical values and respect people, communities and the natural environment.

Business for Social Responsibility

When a company is thinking about its approach to CSR, it needs to consider all aspects of its business and its relationship with all its stakeholders both internally and externally. This involves adopting responsible business practices for the workplace, marketplace, community and environment.

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Our Expertise
As a non-profit organisation we see it as our role to promote understanding of CSR in Hong Kong and the region. We provide workshops and seminars on CSR for students, business managers and leaders. In addition, we conduct regular research and produce publications for dissemination to the general business community. Through training, advice and consultancy, we work with companies on an individual basis to help them implement CSR strategies in the region. We have developed a process that helps companies understand the scope of CSR and develop a strategy that is appropriate for their business locally.

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Key Initiatives

In September 2005, the Community Business Leadership Team (CBLT), with support from Community Business, launched the Hong Kong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Charter. The aim of this Charter is to encourage organisations to recognise the importance of CSR to their business and agree to the values and aspirations incorporated therein. By signing this Charter, companies publically demonstrate their commitment to CSR and to encouraging other organisations to do so as well. Companies of all sizes who are committed to CSR are invited to become a signatory. To find out more about the Charter, the current list of signatories and how to sign up, please click here.

The content is based on our popular publication, Getting Started in CSR. Workshops are conducted in both English and Chinese. See latest schedule.

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Getting Started in Corporate Social Responsibility A practical guide for small, medium and large companies in Hong Kong
Sponsored by: Allen & Overy, MTR Corporation, Standard Chartered Bank
Author: Shalini Mahtani
Published: February 2007
For more information

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Hong Kong A Survey of Good Practice 2007
In collaboration with: Hewitt Associates, The University of Hong Kong
Author: Shalini Mahtani & Kym Leo
Published: February 2007
For more information

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Key Contact
To find out more information about CSR Strategy or to book a place on one of our Getting Started in CSR Workshops, please contact:

Kevin Chu, Community Investment
Tel: +852 2201 1828

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