Hong Kong Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Hong Kong Corporate Social Responsibility Charter

Our organisations in Hong Kong have voluntarily chosen to recognise the importance of
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by agreeing to the values outlined in this
Hong Kong CSR Charter.

Representing different sectors with a wide range of activities, we accept that our
organisations are at different stages in their CSR journey. However, our organisations share a
commitment to the core principles of CSR and a vision for the way forward.

We agree to:

1. Provide leadership
Ultimate responsibility for CSR rests with leadership in our organisations. We assign clear
responsibilities, resources and leadership roles for addressing CSR and we promote CSR
within our spheres of influence.

2. Integrate CSR into our organisational strategy and operations
CSR is about the principles by which we conduct our business. Due to the varying nature
and needs of our businesses, we implement policies and programmes relevant to our
workplace, marketplace, community and environment with respect to local considerations
and in line with our global values.

We aspire to:

3. Engage with our stakeholders
Our stakeholders play a fundamental role in our success. We strive to engage with our
stakeholders in the workplace, marketplace, supply chain, community and in matters relating
to public policy.

4. Communicate CSR
Transparency and accountability in respect to CSR are fundamental to our internal and
external stakeholders. We strive to communicate to our stakeholders in a manner both
relevant and appropriate to our business.

We commend this Hong Kong CSR Charter to all business and other organisational leaders
and actively encourage other enterprises to adopt these values.

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How to Sign Up

Companies of all sizes who are committed to CSR are invited to become a signatory of the Hong Kong CSR Charter.

To become a signatory of the Charter, please follow the following 4 steps:

  1. Download a copy of the Charter and ensure that it is:
    • Printed on your official company letterhead
    • Signed by your most senior executive
    • Stamped with your company chop
  2. Complete an Organisation Information Sheet.
  3. Enclose your administrative fee of HK$500, if applicable. Please note this is a one-off fee and applies to non Community Business members only. Cheques should be made payable to Community Business Limited.
  4. Submit items 1 to 3 above by post to Community Business at the address below:
    Community Business
    Room 2102 Hing Lung Commercial Building
    68 Bonham Strand
    Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

Once we have received your complete application, your will be notified by email and your organisation will be added to the list of signatories. Your commitment will be publically acknowledged as follows:

  • Organisation name featured on list of signatories on Community Business website with hyperlink to your official website
  • Organisation will be listed in selected future publicity relating to the Hong Kong CSR Charter

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How does a company sign up to the Hong Kong CSR Charter?
Any organisation - small or large, private, public or non profit, local or multinational can apply to sign up to the Charter provided that they are committed to CSR and wish to demonstrate their commitment. Interested organisations should first ensure that they have leadership buy in. An official copy of the Charter must be signed by an organisationˇ¦s most senior executive and printed on official company letterhead. An Organisation Information Sheet must also be completed along with submission of a nominal administrative fee (non member companies of Community Business only).

How will the Hong Kong CSR Charter be monitored?
Community Business will not monitor the implementation of the Charter. Signatories are expected to have signed up to the Charter in good faith and should fulfill the requirements presented in the Charter in ways deemed appropriate and relevant to their business.

What do organisations get for signing up to the Hong Kong CSR Charter?
By signing the Charter an organisation publicly demonstrates its commitment to CSR in Hong Kong. Signatories automatically become part of a league of like minded organisations who are dedicated to the sustainability of their business and the community in Hong Kong. All signatories will be listed on the Community Business website as signatories to the Hong Kong CSR Charter.

How does the Hong Kong CSR Charter compare to other charters?
This Charter was developed by businesses operating in Hong Kong. It encompasses some elements which may be similar to other global CSR charters. To the best of our knowledge it is currently the only CSR Charter in Hong Kong.

Does an organisation need to pay to sign up to the Hong Kong CSR Charter?
It does not cost member companies anything to sign up to the Hong Kong CSR Charter. Non-member companies are charged a nominal fee of HK$500 to cover administrative costs.

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Key Contact

To find out more information about The Hong Kong CSR Charter and how to become a signatory, please contact:

Venisa Chu, Head of Client Engagement
Tel: +852 2201 1869
Email: venisa.chu@communitybusiness.org

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