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LGBT Inclusion 2016 Awards Judging
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Awards Winners

Community Business is delighted to announce the Award Winners on Tuesday 17 May at the 2016 LGBT Inclusion Awards Gala Dinner.

LGBT Network Award

To recognise an employee network that has played a proactive role in promoting LGBT inclusion and demonstrated strong engagement with and commitment to LGBT employees in Hong Kong.


In the last year, Goldman Sachs’ long established Asia Pride and Allies Network focused on active pride” - a targeted campaign designed to “activate”, engage and motivate employees at all levels, especially young and emerging leaders to ensure sustainability of the network.  The Network had a full programme of internal and external activities in 2015, and to strengthen client relationships, advised client organisations looking to set up their own networks, demonstrating that the network is not just maintaining strong momentum but taking LGBT inclusion to the next level at Goldman Sachs.

LGBT Workplace Inclusion Initiative Award sponsored by BNY Mellon

To recognise an initiative introduced by a company that has had a significant and positive impact in promoting LGBT inclusion in their workplace in Hong Kong.


Morgan Stanley’s inspirational ‘Role Models’ programme is a powerful example of a targeted workplace initiative that is having a direct and positive impact on creating a more open and inclusive culture for LGBT employees in Asia.  By profiling local role models across Asia, it leverages the power of personal stories to bring LGBT issues to life and has played a critical role in giving permission for LGBT employees in Asia to be open about their sexual orientation and gender identity.

LGBT Inclusion Award (SME) sponsored by Herbert Smith Freehills

To recognise an SME* (small or medium-sized enterprise) that has promoted LGBT inclusion externally and/or internally in Hong Kong.
*According to the Hong Kong SAR government’s definition, an SME is a manufacturing business which employs fewer than 100 persons in Hong Kong or a non-manufacturing business which employs fewer than 50 persons in Hong Kong.


Cranes Media has demonstrated its passion and deep commitment to LGBT inclusion, not just in its own workplace culture, but also to its clients and wider community.  Boldly and visibly stating its commitment to LGBT inclusion to its clients, it sees this as a way to differentiate and drive competitive advantage.   In support of the wider community, Cranes Media offered significant pro bono or discounted marketing services to LGBT NGOs such as Big Love Alliance, Pink Dot, Transgender Resource Centre.


LGBT Ally Award sponsored by Allen & Overy

To recognise an ally who does not identify as LGBT based in Hong Kong who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote an LGBT inclusive culture in the organisation.


As an ally, Julie Shirley of Credit Suisse has demonstrated her tireless passion, single minded determination, and dedication towards LGBT inclusion - both within Credit Suisse and beyond.  The impact of her work within Credit Suisse has been significant:  from the introduction of Credit Suisse’s LGBT-Open Network and the launch of their Ally Programme (creating 350 allies and engaging 60% of Credit’s Suisse’s Managing Director population) to the promotion of same-sex benefits.  Externally, Julie is actively involved in the Interbank LGBT network. All this was achieved in a voluntary capacity, whilst continuing her day job managing an operations team of 150 across the APAC region.

LGBT Executive Sponsor Award sponsored by J.P. Morgan

To recognise a senior executive sponsor based in Hong Kong who has used his/her influence to promote LGBT inclusion internally and/or externally.


Justin D’Agostino has been truly inspirational in his leadership and commitment to LGBT inclusion. As a visible ‘out’ senior leader at Herbert Smith Freehills (HSF), Justin is seen in Hong Kong and across Asia as a positive and approachable role model/confidante in all aspects of LGBT inclusion. Justin has demonstrated his willingness and capacity to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of LGBT diversity, including changing policies and employee benefits to more inclusive, and relaunching the firm’s Hong Kong LGBT/Ally Network - with membership increasing by 150%. Outside of work, Justin has supported the community by mentoring 3 university students who are members of the Queer & Straight Alliance student group. 

LGBT Inclusion Champion Award sponsored by State Street

To recognise an employee based in Hong Kong who has taken proactive and effective steps to create an LGBT inclusive culture in their organisation.


Jack has played an instrumental role as the driving force behind many of HSBC’s LGBT initiatives and in changing its workplace culture.  In addition to providing education and awareness about LGBT issues to thousands of employees, Jack has engaged C-Suite executives and led a series of ground-breaking initiatives including: reverse mentoring, developing an ally guide, overseeing equalisation of same-sex partner benefits across Asia-Pacific and HSBC’s participation in the Interbank LGBT Network, Hong Kong Pride Parade, Pink Dot, and the Hong Kong LGBT Workplace Inclusion Index in which HSBC ranked 2nd. Jack has spearheaded the introduction of the gender neutral title ‘Mx’ or no title which allows transgender and other customers to have greater flexibility in how they are addressed, and training workshops on transgender inclusion.  He has also been involved in reviewing the bank’s insurance products to ensure they are inclusive of LGBT customers.


Paul is one of the very few prominent and active Hong Kong Chinese LGBT professionals in the region - and is a strong advocate both internally at Goldman Sachs and externally.  Paul is a key figure in driving LGBT inclusion across the financial industry and mentors several organisations to help them establish LGBT inclusion practices in their own workplaces.  Internally at Goldman Sachs, Paul is a visible and genuine leader and role model who has made a positive impact in all aspects of LGBT workplace inclusion. Paul gives his time generously to the community – during 2015, he mentored 15 young LGBT individuals, showing his commitment to developing the next generation of LGBT leaders.  Last year, the high visibility of Paul’s marriage to his long-term partner, White, in Hong Kong, set a leading example to the community - challenging the law that does not recognise same-sex marriage and demonstrating the need for LGBT equality in Hong Kong.

LGBT Youth Champion Award sponsored by Bank of America Merrill Lynch

To recognise a young person who has taken proactive and effective steps to promote LGBT inclusion amongst young people at their place of study, in their community or in their organisation (not private sector) in Hong Kong.


Iris is being recognised for her pioneering spirit, energy, and aspiration as a ‘catalyst for change’ sowing the seeds of public understanding of gender and sexual diversity and LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong.  As a Master of Philosophy candidate at the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong, Iris has been breaking new ground by conducting research on Hong Kong lesbians’ lived experiences, participating in the design of a study on discrimination experienced by sexual minorities, and by sharing her research findings at international conferences and local seminars.  Besides research, Iris has worked on curriculum development and as a tutor in an undergraduate gender and sexuality course “Love, Marriage and Sex in Modern China.” She also contributes to the community through her volunteering for the Trans Buddy Programme organized by the Transgender Resource Centre. 

Transgender Inclusion Champion Award sponsored by HSBC

To recognise an individual/ organisation who has taken a proactive role in raising awareness and championing transgender issues in Hong Kong.



Kaspar has demonstrated courage, passion and commitment to championing transgender inclusion in Hong Kong.  Using his own lived experiences as a transgender man, Kaspar is a powerful advocate for transgender rights.   He has produced a moving short film ‘Kaspar X – if I Had a Soul’, which documents his own personal journey through conversations with family members, friends, God, and himself.  The ‘X’ represents Kaspar’s acquired gender X on his Australian passport.  

Kaspar’s organization, Gender Empowerment, supports the transgender community through the different stages of their transition, and helps them adapt to the changes in their appearances, bodies, daily lives, and social relationships.  Besides supporting the transgender community, Kaspar has worked tirelessly to challenge the stereotypes of transgender people, to increase understanding, educate employers, collaborate with other organisations, and engage government.  

LGBT Advocacy Award (Individual / Organisation)

To recognise an individual / organisation that has advocated for legal and/or social change and progress around LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong.




The EOC and GRC has partnered to conduct a comprehensive, evidence-based study to advocate for greater LGBTI inclusion in Hong Kong:  Study on Legislation against Discrimination on the Grounds of Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity (SOGI) and Intersex Status, which was publicly launched in January 2016. The study revealed that discrimination against LGBTI people is a common occurrence in Hong Kong, and that public opinion has visibly shifted in favour of legislation against discrimination on these grounds.  The study makes a direct call to the Hong Kong SAR Government to introduce anti-discrimination legislation on the grounds of against sexual orientation, gender identity and intersex status.

The study made a significant effort to engage those who have strong concerns on LGBT equality, including conducting 3 public forums, 13 public focus groups including those with strong concerns and accepting online collection of public opinions.  It also looked comprehensively at concrete ways their concerns can be addressed.  As part of the research process as well as follow-up to the study’s launch, the EOC and GRC have also been undertaking in public education initiatives, including in stakeholder outreach and media engagement.

The report’s recommendations called on the Government to consider conducting a public consultation on introducing anti-discrimination legislation on such grounds as soon as possible. The report also made other key recommendations, including: encouraging dialogue and better understanding between different groups on the issue of LGBTI discrimination through various avenues such as public forums or workshops; ensuring frontline government officials and staff of public bodies who are providing public services are given appropriate training and guidelines to avoid discriminatory behavior; widening public education to dispel myths and misconceptions about LGBTI people; and expanding support measures targeted at LGBTI people to ensure their equal participation in society.

LGBT Community Impact Award sponsored by Goldman Sachs

To recognise a community-based LGBT initiative that has had a significant positive impact in promoting LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong in 2015.



Pink Dot was inspired by the tremendous success of Pink Dot Singapore.  Held in Hong Kong for the second time in 2015, Pink Dot was a major community event organized by BigLove Alliance and Pink Alliance, which combined a free outdoor concert and carnival for LGBTI individuals, allies, families, friends, and colleagues. It’s aims were to create a celebration of love for all and to educate participants and the wider community on diversity and inclusion, including LGBTI inclusion.  It is estimated that 15,500 attended on 20 September, 2015, making it Hong Kong’s largest LGBTI event.  Strong branding and visual impact contributed to the success of the event, as well as involvement by well-known celebrities and dignitaries.

Pink Dot was sponsored by many leading multinational corporates and supported by many organisations and NGO’s, including Covenant of the Rainbow, a group initiated by Christian organisations, local churches and theological student fellowships from diverse backgrounds in Hong Kong united by the belief that the church should promote inclusion, equality, respect, and acceptance.

LGBT Marketing Campaign Award

To recognise a marketing campaign in mainstream or social media which has incorporated and/or promoted LGBT inclusion in Hong Kong.


AIDS Concern’s ‘Chrysanthemum Tea’ Campaign is a powerful, localized marketing campaign highlighting the importance of early HIV testing amongst gay men. With the growing incidence of HIV/AIDS among the gay community, the Campaign addresses an urgent community need with an insight-led, bold and brave creative, playing on a Cantonese language metaphor for ‘chrysanthemum tea’.  Given the stigma surrounding this issue, the well-executed campaign uses positive imagery and messaging to provide much needed education about the importance of early detection.  It is driving a real change in behaviour with 1,240 participants having taken the risk assessment by the end of December 2015.


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