In our mission to raise awareness of LGBT issues in the workplace and drive the adoption of best practice in Hong Kong, Community Business has partnered with leading experts ¡V both locally and internationally.  We acknowledge the contribution of each of these partners, not only in terms of the content expertise and advice that they have provided on this important topic, but also for the ongoing role that they are playing to support our campaign.  Details of these partners are listed below. We encourage companies with specific questions regarding LGBT issues in the workplace to reach out to these organisations and individuals for further information or to browse the resources on their websites.
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Fruits in Suits Hong Kong
Fruits in Suits (FinS) is a LGBT informal monthly professional network event that takes place in Hong Kong established in 2004. Fins continues to grow in size, have access to resources and aid in influence on the local business community. The event held on the third Tuesday of every month, where like-minded people come together in an exclusive and private venue called Drop. FinS originated in Melbourne and now exists in Sydney, Auckland / Christchurch NZ, with an up-start in Tokyo.

Human Rights Campaign

As the largest civil rights organization working to achieve equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans, the Human Rights Campaign represents a grassroots force of over 750,000 members and supporters nationwide ¡X all committed to making HRC¡¦s vision a reality. Founded in 1980, the Human Rights Campaign advocates on behalf of LGBT Americans, mobilizes grassroots actions in diverse communities, invests strategically to elect fair-minded individuals to office and educates the public about LGBT issues.


LGBT Capital
LGBT Capital is a specialist corporate advisory and asset management business serving the LGBT consumer sector.  It is part of the Galileo Group of companies (www.galileo-group.co.uk) (¡¥Galileo¡¦), an International Operation based in London and Hong Kong, and with representation around the world.

LGBT Capital was founded by Galileo to focus on development and globalization of LGBT consumer businesses based on a core belief that as LGBT freedoms continue to develop, growing LGBT businesses will increasingly look to raise capital, merge and acquire, requiring specialist advice and capital raising options.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates is the preeminent national nonprofit organization exclusively devoted to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender workplace equality. The organization works to advance LGBT workplace equality through its highly respected diversity training courses and programs, including the annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit, the world¡¦s premier conference on LGBT workplace equality. Other Out & Equal programs include the annual Executive Forum, the Employee Resource Group Registry and the Town Call speaker series. Through its programs and services, Out & Equal educates and empowers organizations, human resources professionals, employee resource groups and individual employees to establish equal policies, opportunities, practices and benefits in the workplace, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression or characteristics.

Stonewall Diversity Champions  
Stonewall is Britain's leading lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) equality charity. Established in 1989, Stonewall has been instrumental in changing the legislative environment in Britain. Our campaigning work and policy expertise spans areas including health, education, media and hate crime.

Britain's good practice forum for LGB workplace issues, Diversity Champions brings together top employers from across the UK to promote diversity in the workplace. The programme has been helping businesses and public services to develop inclusive workplace cultures for a decade, ensuring that all of their staff can perform to their full potential. No matter what stage of the journey you're currently at, we can help you.

Tongzhi Community Joint Meeting (TCJM)
A coalition representing many of Hong Kong's LGBT groups. The Central Committee of the TCJM meets quarterly and operates bilingually, drawing its information form the organisations represented in it and using their widespread links to get the word out. The TCJM is chaired by Reggie Ho, Honorary Chairman of Horizons, and currently includes representation from AIDS Concern, the Chi Heng Foundation, Satsanga, Fruits in Suits, Horizons, Les Peches, Queer Straight Alliance and the Tongzhi Literary Group.  The TCJM has appointed specific liaison officers to Interbank, Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, Gay Harmony, the Community Movement Network, the Association for the Advancement of Feminism, GayStation.com.hk, Unitarian Universalists Hong Kong and Amnesty International Hong Kong¡¦s LGBT Section. The TCJM is advised by the solicitor Michael Vidler, who won the recent Hong Kong cases involving Billy Leung and Siu Cho. The TCJM is assisted in its work by a series of Groups which meet on an as required basis: Research Groups in both Chinese and English; Fund Raising Group; Communications Group; and Letter Writing Groups in both Chinese and English  The TCJM's aims include: linking the tongzhi organisations operating in Hong Kong; providing a forum for the discussion of LGBT issues; providing a resource for tongzhi information and expertise, and a network to acquire and disseminate it; providing a focal point for the Government and other bodies; developing strategies on tongzhi issues; assisting with and implementing campaigns; and developing public relations campaigns to mobilise the LGBT community and to influence public opinion.


Vidler & Co.
Vidler & Co. Solicitors is a litigation and civil rights law firm in Hong Kong. Our firm is known primarily for its work in the areas of public interest human rights law and criminal law. We also practice family, personal injury, employment, immigration and coronial law. Vidler & Co has been involved in a number of constitutional challenges, cases involving the protection of LGBTI and ethnic minority rights. Recent cases include the ¡¥W¡¦ transgender rights case, the Limbu Death Inquest, and advised the Sunday Times Newspaper in relation to assaults on journalists by Grace Mugabe and her bodyguards.


George Hwang, Intellectual Property and Media Lawyer
George Hwang is an Intellectual Property and Media Lawyer who is active in human rights work. His main focus in the latter is in Freedom of Expression and Equal Rights issues. In October 2007, George is one of the three petitioners to the Singaporean Parliament for the repeal of section 377A, Penal Code. This is a provision that criminalises sex between consenting men. This petition is the first mass petition to Parliament in the history of Singapore. Some have called it Singapore¡¦s ¡§Stonewall¡¨. George is an advisor on the Technical Advisory Panel for the UNDP/APCOM report entitled ¡§Legal Environments, Human Rights and HIV Responses Among Men Who Have Sex With Men and Transgender People in Asia and the Pacific¡¨. He is a member of the Steering Committee of Oxford University based, International Media Lawyers Association and has a monthly column on www.fridae.com, a regional LGBTQ website for Asia.

Professor Holning Lau, Associate Professor of Law, University of North Carolina
Holning is an Associate Professor at the University of North Carolina School of Law. His areas of expertise include various issues concerning sexual orientation and gender identity. Prior to joining the University of North Carolina, Holning served as Co-Director of Hofstra Law School¡¦s LGBT Rights Program, as a fellow at the Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, and as a visiting fellow at the University of Hong Kong¡¦s Centre for Comparative and Public Law. Holning completed his law degree at the University of Chicago, where he received a Stonewall Scholarship recognizing excellence in his work related to sexual orientation rights.

Mark Kaplan, President of MGK Consulting LLC
Mark Kaplan is President of MGK Consulting LLC, an international consulting practice headquartered in the U.S.  He has worked since 1991 with more than a dozen large companies in the U.S., Europe and Asia to assist them in creating and developing LGB(T) inclusion initiatives.


Dr Mark King
Currently a Research Assistant Professor in Sexual and Gender Diversity in the Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong, Mark¡¦s research interests include public health policy, practice and education. He has investigated transprejudice and Chinese people¡¦s attitudes towards transgenderism and transgender civil rights as well as minority stress and mental health issues in sexual minority populations in Hong Kong. He is now working with international scholars on sex education policy and practice in the Asia-Pacific. He is also working with neuroscientists in China using MRI to investigate functional and structural changes to the brain as a result of posttraumatic stress disorder in victims of sexual violence.


Roddy Shaw, Principal Consultant, Diversity Factor
Roddy has been a leading advocate for LGBT equality in Hong Kong. He has been representing clients at the EOC since 1999 and has ample experience advising corporate and individual clients regarding discrimination claims and ways to prevent them. He worked for Business & Human Rights Resource Centre on various corporate responsibility issues including diversity.. He now teaches a diversity course at the City University of Hong Kong. Before his human rights career, Roddy worked for major corporations. He also had a consulting practice serving a range of clients. He had been the convenor for the Tongzhi Laws & Policies Task Force for TCJM and founder of legal advocacy group, Civil Rights for Sexual Diversities. He is consulted by the HKSAR government at the Human Rights Forum, Sexual Minorities Forum as well as Ethnic Minorities Forum.


Dr Sam Winter
Sam is an expert on transgender issues in Asia and is a director of Transgender ASIA Research Centre at Hong Kong University. The Centre seeks to bring together psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, as well as medical and legal experts who share a desire to better understand the phenomenon of transgenderism, as well as the circumstances in which transpeople (transgendered people) live, in Asia.  This website aims to promote and disseminate research and understanding of, as well as contributing towards efforts to effect social change in regard to, transgenderism in Asia.


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