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At Community Business we recognise that Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has evolved and companies are moving towards a more sophisticated approach to impacting positive change in Hong Kong. We have therefore in 2015 re-branded what we called the Community Business Leadership Team (CBLT), to the Responsible Business Network (RBN). We believe that Responsible Business encompasses both the leadership commitment and employee engagement to improve the internal work environment and external community.

The Responsible Business Network is an incubator for thought leadership on CSR related issues in Hong Kong. It strives to create new ideas to impact change. The objectives of the Responsible Business Network are:

  • To facilitate knowledge sharing and learning on a wide range of issues related to CSR.

  • To build strong relationships between participants to maximise the benefits of networking.

  • To explore best practices and address challenges that will collectively create positive impact in the Hong Kong community.

Responsible Business Network Meetings
When a company becomes a Responsible Business Network member, we invite them to nominate two leaders, to represent their company in our network.  The following are the expectations of these representatives:

  • Endeavour to attend Responsible Business Network meetings, with at least one representative at each meeting. 

  • Depending on the discussion topic, the representatives may invite other members of their company to attend the Responsible Business Network meetings.

  • Act as a communication channel from/to their company related to Responsible Business Network's actions and discussion points.

Responsible Business Network Meetings are held four times per year. In addition to progressing a collaborative approach to advance CSR in Hong Kong, the meetings include guest speakers, discussions, and the opportunity for best practice sharing. These member-only meetings, facilitated by Community Business, are chaired by well-respected individuals from the business community in Hong Kong.

Previous Chairs have included:

  • Andrew Weir, Regional Senior Partner of KPMG.

  • Carlson Tong, former Chairman of KPMG China

  • Jim Thompson, Founder & Chairman of Crown Worldwide Group

  • Benjamin Hung, Executive Director & CEO of Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd

  • Phil Gaffney, former Managing Director of MTR Corporation

  • Sir James Hodge, British Consul General in Hong Kong

  • Ronald Wong, Regional Head of Marketing, Global Banking & Markets, Asia Pacific at RBS (Deputy Chair)

  • Catherine Husted, former Partner at Allen & Overy (Deputy Chair)

For more information about Responsible Business Network, please contact Sammy Tsang at +852 2201 1878,  or sammy.tsang@communitybusiness.org.


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