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Covestro (Hong Kong) Limited*

43/F, Hopewell Centre
183 Queen's Road East
Wan Chai
Hong Kong

Marlene Chan
Head of Human Resources
Email: marlene.chan@covestro.com
Telephone: (852) 2158 2430
Fax: (852) 3526 4657

*Covestro, formerly Bayer MaterialScience, is a Bayer Group company.




Commitment to CSR

Our Employees 
True to Covestro's commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, we believe a well-balanced work culture and environment is essential for the long term well-being of our employees and the sustainability of our business.  We continuously advocate work-life balance and host a series of activities, such as company outings, family days, movie nights, as well as establish policies that support individual needs such as flexi-time, part-time, fully paid maternity leave, family emergency leave, paternity leave etc. that drive towards a healthy work-life balance.    

Our Community 
In addition to the company matching employee¡¦s donations for worthwhile causes and NGOs, we also collaborate with non-governmental organizations and schools to serve the community.

The Environment
As a socially responsible company, Covestro is committed to helping protect the climate and overcome the consequences of climate change. In 2007, with a view to addressing the global issues of climate change and sustainability, we launched the Climate Programme aimed at reducing CO2  emissions and providing innovative and sustainable solutions for key industries such as polyurethane insulation and waterborne coatings for construction. Covestro's efforts in this area have been well recognized by leading sustainability indices such as the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. 

On a daily working level, we also incorporate environmental protection in the way we work. Covestro is an active champion of ¡¥green¡¦ initiatives in the local community such as ¡¥Earth Hour 2009¡¦, Our offices currently have a lights-off practice  during lunch hours and employees are encouraged to make further energy savings by:

  • Cutting down on electricity consumption and switching off lights and all electronic devices after use
  • Recycling paper and other recyclable materials


Involvement in Community Business Initiatives

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