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Commitment to CSR


Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has long been part of KPMG's core value and operating strategy and is led by our senior leadership. CSR at KPMG is not just about philanthropy or community services, but how we engage our people at all levels to make a difference that will be sustainable and enhance our business success. CSR is about working together with our clients, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), stakeholders and local government to deliver solutions to social and environmental issues.

We're dedicated to contribute in a meaningful and sustainable way with three major areas of focus:

Education - To support underprivileged youth through formal or informal education, that can empower them to have a better future.

Empowerment - To support innovative programmes and NGOs that provide sustainable solutions to key social issues, with the goal of helping people to help themselves.

Environmental - To support environmental protection by collaborating with external stakeholders, working on key environmental issues and creating or participating in innovative programmes that provide sustainable solutions to resource challenges.

KPMG is a proud signatory of the UN Global Compact and a member of the Community Business in Hong Kong . KPMG has been awarded the Caring Company Award by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service from 2002 to 2007, and the Outstanding Partnership Project Award by the Society of Community Organisation (SoCO).

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