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Commitment to CSR

Corporate responsibility is enshrined in the values of Pinsent Masons and is the driving force for a wealth of community-based initiatives inspired by the firm's management and by its staff.

The firm undertakes various community investment activities, currently focused on supporting opportunities for young people.

Community Business is representative of the kind of organisations with which the firm works to identify ways of matching its skills with those best positioned to benefit. As a business, Pinsent Masons is committed to acting ethically and increasingly in behaving in as environmentally-sympathetic a way as possible.

Inclusion of information about a Corporate Citizen on this website does not indicate Community Business' endorsement of a Corporate Citizen's principles or practices, or of its products, services or initiatives. It should not be taken as financial advice. All data is supplied by the Citizen itself, or taken from information publicly available. Community Business does not give any assurances or guarantee as to the accuracy of the information.

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