• LGBT+ and Disability

Programme Associate, D&I

Published on 08.08.19

We are looking for an Associate to join our dynamic team. This is a role ideally suited for a professional who is self-motivated and passionate about impacting positive change.

This is a full-time role reporting to the Programme Manager, LGBT+ Campaign. This role includes, but is not limited to, the following responsibilities:

  • Contributing to the development and execution of Community Business’ LGBT+ campaign, maintaining our position as thought leader. This includes:
    • Project management;
    • Conducting background research, benchmarking with other markets, and proposing ideas;
    • Developing content expertise to build credibility as a subject matter expert;
    • Preparation of presentation materials;
    • Drafting of newsletters and communications;
    • Preparing content for consulting and training;
    • Planning, executing, and supporting launches, media briefings, events, workshops and seminars;
    • Engaging with and coordination of various parties including clients, other teams, partners, and vendors;
    • Providing administrative support.
  • Playing a key role in the planning and implementation of the Hong Kong LGBT+ Workplace Inclusion Index and Awards, including:
    • Various activities from recruitment of participating organisations, to management of submission and assessment processes and announcement of Index and Award results;
    • Project managing the development and publication of deliverables associated with the Index, including individual company reports, Index Report, etc;
    • Working with the Marketing & Communications Team to plan and execute the annual LGBT+ Inclusion Gala Dinner.
  • Keeping abreast of key developments relating to LGBT+ equality, including legislative, cultural and social, regularly reviewing research and articles in the media.
  • Networking and building relationships with key partners in the field of LGBT+ locally, regionally and internationally.

Application Deadline: 30 August 2019

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