20 Jun 2019

2019 DIAN India Meeting 2

DIAN India Members Only | Virtual


We are delighted to announce Diana Wu David as the Guest Speaker for our DIAN India Virtual Meeting on Thursday 20th June.  For more information about Diana and her book, please see

The focus of the meeting :

D&I and Business Transformation- How do we need to adapt and evolve our D&I strategies – not just to keep up, but to facilitate and enable the changing way we work?

The specific objectives for the session include:

  • Providing the audience with a sneak preview on the book Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration
  • Helping the audience understand the Impact of Transformation Strategies on Businesses and their D&I agenda
  • Tangible Examples on how the audience can future-proof careers with meaning, joy and purpose


This event is for DIAN India members only. Please login to your member portal to register. If you'd like to learn more about DIAN India or to join, please click here.

Event Speakers

  • Diana Wu David

    Diana Wu David

    Board Director, Strategist and Storyteller

Board Director, Strategist and Storyteller

Diana Wu David

A board director, strategist and storyteller, Diana is the author of Future Proof: Reinventing Work in an Age of Acceleration. She left her corporate role at Financial Times to travel the world and find out the profound impact the 100-year life and the future of work is having on seasoned professionals.

She discovered accelerating change, disruption, globalisation and increasing longevity are creating a new and uncertain world of work. These same forces make building work in the context of a well-lived life a greater challenge but also a bigger possibility than ever before. Based on research and interviews with people who have gotten it right, combined with the latest on disruptions across organisations and industries, Future Proof is a powerful snapshot of where we are now and how we can paint a better future.  Packed with studies, stories and practical actions it is a is a powerful resource that helps answer the question of how to be more entrepreneurial, resilient and impactful in the face of constant change.

Diana’s mission is to help corporates and executives transform the way they work in the future.  Join this session to find out how her insights can help you!