27 Aug 2020

2020 DIAN Meeting 2 Highlights Re-Broadcast

Re-broadcasting highlights of DIAN Meeting 2 (Inclusive Allyship in Asia and Inclusive Leadership in Crisis) with live commentary and Q&A | DIAN Members Only


This is an opportunity for DIAN Members to gain insights from our second meeting of the year which has brought together cultural experts and impactful sharing from D&I practitioners. We will be streaming clips from the sessions and providing live commentary and Q&A.


Inclusive Allyship in Asia

Explore the power of allies as it is understood and put into practice in Asia, and how effective allyship can and should move away from the siloed approach to D&I, extending beyond a narrowly defined demographic. We will also hear how organisations might build a strong culture that sees everyone as potential allies.

  1. Understand allyship from an intersectional perspective.
  2. Examine the strengths and limitations of allyship within the Asian context to explore what works and what does not in the region.
  3. Discuss strategies to localise the concept for Asia to encourage personal commitment to inclusion.


Inclusive Leadership in Crisis

Reflect on the changing demands on leadership in turbulent times and on how we can help our leaders and our organisation to remain committed to inclusion and lead authentically. We will also explore how organisations might support and reinforce inclusive leadership both by providing leaders with tools to better manage themselves and by empowering everyone to take the lead, regardless of their title.

  1. Explore how companies can drive and leverage inclusion efforts during challenging times.
  2. Gain practical ways of empowering leaders to improve habits and work practices in times of stress.


This event is for DIAN members only. Please login or contact your DIAN representative to register.

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