28 Jun 2019

The Art of Inclusion: Emotional Awareness and Leveraging Diversity of Thought

Use improvisational theatre tools to explore the power of a solutions-based mindset, gaining trust and creating opportunities

Strategic Partner: The Executive Centre


STARMAKER's workshop takes a humanistic rather than moral approach to examining bias by addressing the practical benefits to inclusivity. Bias is built on assumptions made about people who we perceive as “different” from us. Through honest and transparent dialogue we uncover how these assumptions have made work life difficult and unproductive.

This session examines the psychological function of trust and how it can be cultivated. Using tools from improvised theatre and unique thought experiments, STARMAKER explores human nature, challenging you to identify patterns in your interactions with people of different genders, cultures, ages, etc. By introducing the Workplace Big-Five, script writing and facilitated role-plays, relationships are redefined to optimize diversity. Ultimately, the group identifies a mutually relevant and beneficial superordinate goal that unites and empowers them as a team.


Why Attend 

  • Direct leaders and teams on how to master their emotions through self-knowledge and become more aware of internal narratives.
  • Refocus attention onto and gain insights from what connects us as a species, while still appreciating diversity of perspective that make successful organisations and teams.
  • Explore the powerful Big-Five tool of personality as a way of understanding individual variability and how each and every nature has its own beauty and relevance.
  • Learn how to communicate with clarity and confidence, influence others, capitalise on diversity, and cultivate a sense of belonging and inclusion in the workplace.

Target Audience 

  • Function: Business, HR, D&I 
  • Level: Middle, Senior 

Event Speakers

  • Samuel Bobertz

    Samuel Bobertz

    Co-Founder, Consultant and Facilitator, StarMaker
    Sam is the Co-Founder, Consultant and Facilitator of StarMaker

Co-Founder, Consultant and Facilitator, StarMaker

Samuel Bobertz

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Samuel Bobertz moved to the United States to attend the University of Arizona, graduating with degrees in both Psychology and East Asian Studies.

Certified as a Workplace Big-Five consultant, Sam is able to conduct group training and one-to-one assessments using this powerful personality-profiling tool.

As a millennial, Sam understands the aspirations of an increasingly significant segment of the workforce. He has trained thousands of professionals around Asia in both English and Mandarin.

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