14 Sep 2018

Asia Employee Wellbeing Week 2018: Information Webinar for Participating Employers

If you are an organisation committed to supporting your employee wellbeing, we invite you to join our Asia Employee Wellbeing Week 2018 Information Webinar to find out more about becoming a Participating Employer



We are encouraging employers in Asia to use Asia Employee Wellbeing Week as a platform to raise awareness, educate and motivate action around employee wellbeing in their company – wherever they operate in Asia. To support this, Community Business is providing:

  • 8 ideas on what companies can do
  • Access to a Virtual Platform (open August-November) packed with resources to support their strategy, including:
    • Virtual Marketplace
    • Resource Centre
    • Regional Event Calendar
    • Promo Kit

Information for Participating Employers

We are inviting organisations committed to promoting employee wellbeing in Asia, to register to be a Participating Employer of Asia Employee Wellbeing Week. 

Our Information Webinar will provide details of the Asia Employee Wellbeing Week Virtual Platform. There will also be a demo of the platform and a short Q&A session.

Who Should Attend?

Organisations or individuals who are committed to improving the state of employee wellbeing across Asia.

Event Speakers

  • Sarah Dalton

    Sarah Dalton

    Programme Manager, Employee Wellbeing, Community Business

Programme Manager, Employee Wellbeing, Community Business

Sarah Dalton