6 Sep 2019

Be Authentic in Diversity & Inclusion (Japanese)

Gain authenticity in your D&I challenges | Bring biases from unconscious to conscious | Set practical actions how to embrace D&I in daily responsibilities

Strategic Partner: The Executive Centre


Through a workshop, we will discuss the practical solutions of developing diverse & inclusive individuals/ teams/ organisations in a business.

This workshop will provide insights into how organisations can embrace D&I to drive better business results, to attract, develop and retain critical talents and to build brands for higher corporate profile as diversity employers.

The contents will include different aspects of diversity, such as gender, race, region, LGBT, disability and thoughts, behaviour, workstyle etc. The reason why D&I matters to all of us will be explained with the framework; Talent, Business and Brand.

The audience will be employees, HR professionals and leaders across industries. We expect our audience to go away with authenticity in their own D&I challenges and gain some practical insights on how to overcome them with day-to-day key actions.


Why Attend

  • Have a better understanding of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Clarify organisations’ D&I directions
  • Gain authenticity in your own D&I challenges
  • Bring biases from unconscious to conscious levels
  • Set practical actions how to embrace D&I in their daily responsibilities

Target Audience

  • Function: Business / HR / D&I
  • Level: General / Mixed

Event Speakers

  • Yuta Hasumi

    Yuta Hasumi

    Founder, Ikigai Authentic Ltd.

Founder, Ikigai Authentic Ltd.

Yuta Hasumi

Yuta Hasumi leads the worldwide Diversity & Inclusion business strategy and implementation. Yuta advises organisations and drives leadership accountability through goals and metrics to achieve a diverse & inclusive workforce, workplace, and marketplace for business growth around the globe.

Prior to current consultant job, he was Regional Head of Diversity & Inclusion for multinational companies. He advises business leaders in Japan, Asia Pacific and the United States. He facilitated talent development programmes on Diversity & Inclusion, Unconscious Bias and Authentic branding.

Yuta obtained a MBA with honours in Human Resources and Diversity Management at Waseda Business School.