2 Dec 2019

Building Authentic Allyship

Moving beyond a one-dimensional approach to Diversity & Inclusion


Given the early closure of Hong Kong Polytechnic University this term and the close ties Hotel ICON has with the university as a teaching hotel, we have taken the difficult decision to postpone the Building Authentic Allyship conference until 2020. 

Please stay tuned for further updates. 

Allies play a very important role in creating an inclusive workplace culture. They can help break down barriers, sponsor and influence change, amplify messages and educate others.  Building an environment that encourages and empowers allies is key. 

The traditional approach to diversity focuses on primary factors like gender, ethnicity, generation and sexual orientation. However, other secondary factors such as educational background, leadership style, or even one’s accent can impact how we perceive ourselves and interact in the workforce and the wider world. Each of us experiences life through multiple identities and if a workplace is to be truly inclusive and get the most out of us, it must enable each of us to bring our whole complex selves to work. The impact of allyship needs to extend beyond the limited focus on a particular group of women or on issues of the LGBT+ community that we may be most familiar with.

In this one-day event, we will explore the power of allies through an intersectional lens, emphasising what is required to be an effective ally. We will also hear how companies can move beyond the traditional siloed approach to D&I, build a strong, authentic, allyship culture, and ultimately, take their D&I strategy to the next level.

Whether companies are early in their D&I journey or have long embedded D&I in their business strategy, they will benefit from insightful and practical takeaways.   


Ticket price for the one-day conference includes a buffet lunch and a networking cocktail. 

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