24 Mar 2021

Building Trust in a Remote Working Environment


The pandemic brought the world to a grinding halt and remote working, or more specifically ‘work from home’ (WFH), became the unlikely saviour.

Remote working is not a new concept for many organisations. However, pre-COVID-19, remote working was relegated to a secondary status, more as an alternative when working under constraints. When choosing to WFH, barring a few exceptional companies, employees were aware of the trade-offs. In normalising remote working, organisations will need to create the ecosystem for it to flourish.

The workshop will focus on how to build trust in remote working. Beginning with understanding trust as a concept, the key takeaways from the session will be as follows:

  • Challenges in remote relationship management in the absence of interpersonal connect
  • Recognising behavioural manifestation of trust in the work setting
  • Transactional versus interpersonal – understand trust from the Indian cultural perspective
  • How managers build trust in a remote setting
  • How investing in building trust can contribute to inclusion & belonging across diverse identities and representation



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Event Speakers

  • Dr. Anindita Banerjee

    Dr. Anindita Banerjee

    Director, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion at Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Director, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion at Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd

Dr. Anindita Banerjee

Anindita’s expertise is in Inclusion, Change Management and Insighting. Anindita is the Director & Practice Head, Diversity-Equity-Inclusion, at Renaissance Strategic Consultants Pvt. Ltd. It is a consulting & training company specializing in Change Management. Over the years, Anindita has worked with companies including IBM, Microsoft, Tata Motors, Vodafone, Schaeffler, Syngenta, Merck, Johnson Control, Keva, WN, L&T on various consulting & training projects. She has also worked on global assignments with companies like Unilever & BASF. Anindita is a part of the international team at the Cultural Intelligence Center.

Anindita is a co-founder of Meta4Sight, a research-based consultancy that ‘Derives Insights to Drive Influence’. She is globally certified in ZMET®. Anindita also facilitates workshops in the emerging area of Design Thinking & Innovation. She approaches Design thinking through the lens of insighting and leveraging diversity in team composition and structure to generate superior innovation outcomes in teams.

Anindita’s academic qualifications include an M.Sc. in Mathematics and an MBA. She did her PhD In Cross-Cultural Management. Anindita loves teaching and has been a visiting faculty at institutions like IIM-Calcutta, IIM-Kozhikode, IMT Ghaziabad and SIIB.

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