6 Dec 2022

Championing Allyship in the Workplace by Goldman Sachs

Open to any organisations based in India


D&I conversations have moved beyond discussions that focus solely on including diversity in the workplace and now often explore how to create a barrier free environment that allows talent across the spectrum to grow.

In our upcoming Public Workshop, we will gain a deeper understanding of allyship, with the help of our panel of industry experts who will share their best practices and highlight the importance of advocating for change. This discussion will also encapsulate the changing landscape of leadership and what leaders can do to create an inclusive work environment for the LGBT+ community, people with disabilities and women at work. Not only does successful allyship nurture healthy and inclusive workplace culture, it also benefits organisations by attracting talent that can drive more innovation, profitability and customer success.  

For more details about the Public Workshop, please get in touch with our India team.

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