30 Oct 2018

Coffee Beans Session - Change Management

Learn the fine art of bespoke storytelling. Learn coaching principles that will help you ask the right questions and build soft-power


The biggest challenge organisations face today is the inability to understand that cognitive awareness alone does not lead to results. Understanding stakeholders as “people” first, decoding their values, needs and beliefs is extremely crucial as a foundation step. Crafting the notion that “stickability” is as important as planning the narrative and communicating in an inspiring and effective manner.

What process therefore, can we deconstruct and learn from? 

This Coffee Bean session takes its inspiration from the experience of shopping for expensive perfume. When choosing a scent, one smells a jar of coffee beans to revive the olfactory senses. We hope to achieve the same affect with this session harnessing mindsets, skills set and tool sets to leave you renewed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand needs, values and beliefs at the primal level as motivators and influencers 
  • Learn the fine art of bespoke storytelling 
  • Learn coaching principles to uncover the core of the task and ask the right questions to build “soft power”.

Event Speakers

  • Jaykumar Hariharan

    Jaykumar Hariharan

    Executive Coach, Blue Fire Coaching Consultants

Executive Coach, Blue Fire Coaching Consultants

Jaykumar Hariharan

Jaykumar Hariharan is an Executive Coach. He helps C-suite leaders do more, get more and eventually be more. He has over 10 years of executive business leadership experience across Asia coaching senior business leaders in behavioural challenges across executive presence, personal branding, communication, managing change and storytelling.
Jaykumar is a PCC certified coach and is a published columnist with several business media outlets in India. He is also an Asia resource for the YPO/ WPO exchange. Jaykumar is able to connect business relevance and acumen to augment the CXO’s coaching goals.

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