15 Nov 2019

Creating Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace

This Community Business session will equip you with the skills to foster empathy within your teams and workplaces


The growing incidence of mental health in Asia and the knock-on effect on productivity and performance have opened up conversations around addresssing issues related to emotional wellbeing previously considered a sensitive or taboo topic. As well as understanding the business case for addressing emotional wellbeing in the workplace, this workshop will help you recognise the signs and provide proactive support to a team member who may be struggling to manage their own emotional wellbeing.

In this interactive session we will practice active listening to help you hone your skills as an empathetic and responsible leader and team member. 


 Why Attend 

  • Increase understanding on the issues in Asia and highlight the role we can play to impact positive change. 
  • Learn how to identify early warning signs and symptoms of stress and burnout.  
  • Facilitate effective conversations by cultivating empathy through active listening. 


Target Audience 

  • Function: General / Mixed 

  • Level: All Levels 

Event Speakers

  • Sakshi Kumar

    Sakshi Kumar

    Programme & Content Manager DIAN, Community Business

Programme & Content Manager DIAN, Community Business

Sakshi Kumar

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