19 May 2017

From Customer Diversity to Customer Inclusion: A Game Changer

Designed to show you how being customer inclusive is very good for engagement


This session focuses on another revolution in the evolution of Diversity and Inclusion, from being little more than a reporting requirement 20 years ago to becoming a business imperative today. Now D&I is expanding again to envelop and include customers. This workshop is designed to bring you up to date, provoke your thinking and show you what can be done, and is being done today, by large and small, old and new companies to become customer inclusive and customer led. In this workshop, we will review some of the key social shifts that are re-shaping the customer and the competitor landscape, our perspectives around markets and competitors need to shift, fast, and we will show you how the practice of customer inclusion resolves the root causes of disconnect, and strengthen core business. We will also show you how being customer inclusive is very good for engagement because it supports an internally inclusive culture – you can’t have one without the other.

This engaging workshop will equip leaders:

  • To understand the strategic business imperative of customer inclusion
  • To understand why there needs to be a paradigm shift from a focus on resonating with customer diversity to a focus on customer inclusion.
  • To identify the key strategic questions D&I leaders should be asking to elicit a focus on customer inclusion
  • To champion customer inclusion as an integral component of their organisation’s D & I strategy

Event Speakers

  • Heahter Price

    Heahter Price

    Founder, Symmetra

Founder, Symmetra

Heahter Price

Recognised as a leader in shaping the strategic vision of organisations across the globe on diversity and inclusion, Heather Price established Symmetra in the Asia Pacific region in 2003.This was effected after a decade of guiding organisations across South Africa on the dismantling of apartheid in the workplace. Symmetra provides a global consulting service to blue chip organisations on embedding an inclusive workplace culture and is very well known for its thought leadership on the evolution of D & I into a strategic business imperative – of which customer inclusion is a vital component.

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