18 Jun 2019

Developing the Respectful Culture in Religion Diversity in the Workplace

Cultivate and share ways to create an inclusive culture for different religion practices in the workplace

Strategic Partner: The Executive Centre


Asia has been multi-faith region for years, given the diversity of beliefs and practices among Anglicans, Catholics, Methodists, Congregationalists, Presbyterians, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Muslim, etc. Organisations that are driving diversity and inclusion need to set up an accommodating culture to enable their employees or potential employees to feel free observe different religious duties in the offices.  

Different religions have different viewpoints towards issues like religious attires, office decorations, LBGT rights, etc.  

If leaders are not aware of nor do not have the right skills in handling these diverse views, there can be negative effects on team cohesiveness and relationships among team members. Managers must ensure that they avoid cultural biases and value the skills of religiously and culturally diverse members and potential candidates. Education of religious diversity in the office is crucial to encourage religious acceptance and avoid stereotyping or discrimination in the workplace across Asia.  


Why Attend 

  • Cultivate an inclusive culture for different religion practices in the workplace 

  • Share ways to create an inclusive and celebrative environment where different religions are welcome 

  • Provide tips in resolving cross-religious conflicts and issues that can happen in the workplace 

  • Explore different religious viewpoints towards different diversity and inclusion issues 

Target Audience 

  • Function: General / Mixed 

  • Level: General / Mixed 

Event Speakers

  • Dr. Andrew Ma

    Dr. Andrew Ma

    Founder and Executive Director, Chorev Consulting
    Dr. Andrew Ma is the founder and executive director of Chorev Consulting

Founder and Executive Director, Chorev Consulting

Dr. Andrew Ma

Dr. Andrew Ma has over 20 years global experience in strategic planning, business operation, marketing, & engineering, consulting and leadership development

He has a PhD in Global Leadership, an Executive MBA, and holds a MSc. & BSc (Electrical Engineering) and a BA (Economics). He was a part-time lecturer at City University of Hong Kong and Baptist University of Hong Kong, Oxford Brookes University, Coventry University Wollongong University, teaching strategic planning, and business ethics. He also was a speaker at TEDx 2012.

He provided Leadership training to leading companies like Jardine, New World, Citic Pacific, John Lewis, Amadeus, China Unicom China Telecom, Asia World Expo, HK Police Force, Dragages, Juniper, etc.

Dr. Ma is an accredited trainer of the Corporate-Based Mindfulness Training, EQi2.0, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, LEA 360 (Master trainer), Pro-D and Ucipher, Miller Heiman Strategic Selling & Conceptual Selling.

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