10 Nov 2022

DIAN India Meeting IV: Diversity Data and Self-Identification โ€“ Navigating the Challenges and Developing a Strategy

DIAN India Members only

Sponsored By: Goldman Sachs


With growing pressure for higher standards of corporate governance and transparency, collection of  diversity data is becoming an increasingly important agenda item for companies. Yet as companies seek to introduce initiatives to promote self-identification and disclosure by employees, it is not straightforward. There are not only challenges about how to collect the data - from structural and technical, to cultural and legal - but also questions about what to do with the data collected.  In this DIAN India Meeting we look at all these issues, with a view to coming up with practical solutions and advice to develop your own data collection strategy.


First In-Person Event of the Year 2022 (The first also since the pandemic)

Venue - Goldman Sachs Office, Helios Business Park, Kadubeesanahalli