Emotional Wellbeing LIVE! Day


  • 10.00am -

    Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace

    Dr. Zoë Fortune
    Audience: HR & Employee Wellbeing

    Dr. Zoë Fortune, CEO of City Mental Health Alliance Hong Kong, will share insights from their 2020 Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: Survey of APAC employees. In this webinar, you will hear about some trends being raised by employees in APAC regarding mental health and wellbeing; as well as key workplace issues uncovered that require immediate employer attention.

    "The lessons learnt and acted on in 2020 will provide valuable future indicators for the prevention of mental ill-health as well as new platforms for promoting wellbeing and good mental health in the workplace.” Dr. Zoë Fortune, CEO, CMHA HK

    The 2020 Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace: Survey of APAC employees was conducted in collaboration with Oliver Wyman and collected data from 1,500 respondents across 13 different industries between June and July 2020.

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  • 12.00pm -

    The Sound of Silence – My Story

    Anthea Ong
    Audience: General Employees

    Anthea Ong, impact entrepreneur, social advocate and recently Nominated Member of Parliament for Singapore will share her personal experience with mental health challenges and discuss the power of non-verbal communication to heal, restore and reset. Learn more about her HUSH initiative in Singapore and how companies in the region are learning to foster a sense of greater emotional wellbeing through cultivating self-care and empathy for their employees with this unique and innovative programme led by deaf facilitators and supported by persons who have lived experience with mental health issues.
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  • 14.00 -

    Your Season - Focus on the New

    Joanna Chin
    Audience: General Employees

    In this webinar Joanna Chin will share her personal story of taking a leap of faith to become an executive coach after 15 years practising as a lawyer, and how she traversed a decade of personal challenges. She will discuss how her journey empowered her to navigate through the nebulous world of emotions and provide practical insights on how others can also come out on top through challenging emotional times.
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  • 16.00 -

    Taking a Leap of Faith

    Rachel Austen
    Audience: HR / Employee Wellbeing

    As businesses continue to adapt and navigate these uncertain times, the ongoing stress can take its toll on employees' wellbeing and if not proactively managed can easily lead to mental illness and burnout. In this session, chartered occupational psychologist and business consultant, Rachel Austen shares that, if it is to have any meaningful impact, an intervention must account for the complex and personal nature of stress and provide the right support but also enhance work environments to mitigate undue pressure points. Rachel will introduce her AURA Framework designed to help organisations and employees assess, develop and monitor resilience in the workplace.
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