27 Aug 2020 - 28 Aug 2020

Enabling LGBT+ Inclusion in the Workplaces in India

An informative and interactive 2-part webinar to enable organisations in India to strategise their LGBT+ Inclusion journey.


Recognising that much work still needs to be done on LGBT+ Inclusion in India, we are working to set companies up for success. This 2-part webinar will help companies explore their key priorities and the way forward in an engaging way, thinking out of the box – through best practice sharing and collaboration. 

At this webinar, we’ll be:

  • Referencing the most authoritative and up-to-date resource on LGBT+ inclusion in India, our research publication LGBT+ workplace inclusion in India – The Definitive Guide
  • Providing insights on how to strategise LGBT+ Inclusion in the workplace under different key categories
  • Designing an informative and interactive webinar that aims to educate and support organisations to make progress on LGBT+ inclusion in the workplace by sharing insights and best practices
  • Helping companies get further justification, motivation and information for driving LGBT+ inclusion strategy forward in India, in line with our recommendations around the 9 key categories




Target Audience

  • Senior Leaders
  • D&I Leads
  • L&D and HR Team
  • LGBT+ ERG Representatives
  • LGBT+ Professionals

RECOMMENDATION: All participants should attend both days to get insights on all 9 categories since this is a 2-part webinar.

Companies participating in the LGBT+ Pre-Index Assessment get three complimentary tickets (worth USD $750 if they take the package of USD $1500). For further details, please contact us

Event Speakers

  • Jiby Joyce

    Jiby Joyce

    Programme Manager, DIAN India at Community Business
  • Sandeep Nair

    Sandeep Nair

    Programme Manager, DIAN India | Community Business

Programme Manager, DIAN India at Community Business

Jiby Joyce

Jiby is Programme Manager, based in Bangalore, India.  He is responsible for driving strategies and projects for Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network in India (DIAN India), DIAN India Deliverables, project planning for Community Business India Conference, as well as supporting training and consulting for companies in India.

Prior to joining Community Business, Jiby worked on innovative strategies to promote accountability and awareness related to diversity and inclusion, driving cultural interventions focused on behaviour and leading organisational change to reach a more diverse and inclusive audience. Throughout his career, he has led various initiatives that resulted in the overall growth of the diversity and inclusion practices.

Graduated from Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management University, India, Jiby holds a Bachelor degree in Psychology. Born and raised in Northern India, Jiby’s roots are from the South. He is fluent in English and also Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil.

Programme Manager, DIAN India | Community Business

Sandeep Nair

Sandeep is Programme Manager, based in Bangalore, India. He is responsible for helping deliver Community Business’ strategy in India, including DIAN India and our wider programmes and events.

Prior to joining Community Business, Sandeep worked for communication agencies for over 6 years. Experienced in design and creative development, he worked on various projects ranging from websites, online communication to product packaging deliverables.  Sandeep has always had a passion for diversity and inclusion (D&I) and has a core belief that everybody has a special responsibility for making a positive difference for their fellow beings.

Graduated from Sikkim-Manipal University of India, Sandeep holds a Bachelor degree in Communication and Journalism.  During his leisure time, he loves travelling and interacting with new friends. He speaks five languages - English, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil and has recently started to learn Portuguese.