Financial Wellbeing LIVE! Day


  • 10.00am -

    Session Title: Building Personal Financial Resilience

    Eleanor Coleman
    Target Audience: General Employees

    Planning for a secure future, be it for yourself, your family or your business is one of the most important steps you will ever take. So, why do we hold back? Eleanor Coleman will share tips on how to feel more in control of your finances, how to start the planning process and the three steps to building financial resilience. Join the conversation to get an idea of where to begin and how to ensure that you are reaching your financial goals and preparing for the unexpected no matter what happens globally.
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  • 12.00pm -

    Session Title: Financial Wellness: Grasping the Basics

    Vinod Desai
    Target Audience: Employee Wellbeing Professionals

    Financial literacy is one of the most critical subjects we learn. No matter what we do in life we need to know about how to protect and grow our money. Yet barely two out of ten individuals in many parts of Asia have an adequate knowledge of essential finances and most people find the subject challenging, even intimidating. In this session, independent financial wellbeing educator and author, Vinod Desai, highlights why employers should focus on building the financial literacy of their employees and reminds us of the age-old and simple principles of wealth building.
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  • 14.00 -

    How to Teach Your Kids About Money

    Will Rainey
    Target Audience: General Employees

    For the next generation to grow up to be financially healthy, we need parents to teach their kids about money. Indeed, it is well known that kids that learn about money grow up to be more confident, have higher self-esteem and have less money worries. In this session, qualified actuary and Founder of Blue Tree Savings, Will Rainey highlights why it’s important for parents to teach the basics of money related topics to their kids and shares essential money habits to focus on.
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  • 16.00 -

    Let’s Talk About Money, Girl!

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$: Gemma Tregenza, Nancy Wang & Tanya Gan
    Target Audience: General Employees

    The gender investing gap is an issue that affects all women+. It can cost us up to US $1m across our entire careers and leave women more vulnerable to poverty in old age. The good news? It’s never too late to start! At Girls Just Wanna Have Fund$ we are all about adopting the right mindset, joining the conversation and taking action! Join Gemma, Nancy and Tanya to learn more about how to get started or how to continue your investing journey.
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