28 Feb 2020

Horse-Powered Leadership

A unique and highly effective training programme on Inclusive Leadership using horse power.


Horse reflect human emotions, intentions and energy within a split of a second – without being blinded by the outward appearance of a person, their age, gender or religion. With the support of a qualified coach horses help to connect the individuals at a deeper level, and showcase the importance of trust and appreciation.

Key Takeaways:

  • Participants are experiencing a “VUCA - World” when they join the programme, with horses weighing up to 600 kg. Leaders learn first-hand how to effectively involve their new “team-members” the horses, understand the situation and successfully reach the goals in each exercise through: 1. Setting a Vision and giving a clear Direction 2. Building Trust and communicating understandable
  • To strengthen emotional intelligence, participants involve in exercises for self-reflection and experience the impact of empathy while working with horses in direct contact. Situational leadership skills (like directive, collaborative or delegating) are put in practice with the horses. Through a video-analysis of the exercises and self-improvements participants establish powerful practices for successful leadership.
  • Intrinsic motivation of individuals and the mind-set of leaders has a lot to do with the learning agility of the corporation. In the workshops participants experience their own small wins and success when they take an active step out of their comfort zone. Positive priming of challenging situations helps participants to adopt an active Learning mind-set back at the office.
  • Right from the 1st exercises with the horses participants learn to observe and then implement the most suitable strategy for each horse/individual. Building the right attitude and work-culture amongst the team helps to drive company goals and develop loyal employees. During the workshop leaders become acutely aware of their impact on this culture.

Who should attend:
Senior, Middle level Business leaders,  HR, D&I and any other employees.

Objectives of the Workshop:

  • How horses can improve authentic and inclusive
    Leadership practices
  • Tap into your emotional intelligence
  • Creating strong and trust-based relationships
  • Experience your impact on others – based on your
    energy and intention

Event Speakers

  • Isabelle Hasleder

    Isabelle Hasleder

    HQ Leadership India

HQ Leadership India

Isabelle Hasleder

Isabelle comes from Austria and she proudly calls India her "Home" since 12 years. Her management experience with several multinational companies including automobile giant BMW as well as her passion for horses inspired this unique and impactful training program. As a certified horse-assisted trainer (EAHAE, Germany) along with her coaching expertise (ICF) and engineering as well as business background (IE Business School, Spain) she is very good at creating an outstanding training experience. She works and runs HQ Leadership India, providing horse assisted leadership and team trainings, since August 2018 in major cities in India.