15 May 2019

Introducing the Valuable 500 Campaign in Asia

Disability Activist, Caroline Casey, introduces her pioneering Valuable 500 Campaign and explains how companies in Asia can get involved


As a disability activist, Caroline is committed to building an equal society for the 1.3 billion people (1 in 7 of us) in the world with a disability. Recognising the transformative power of business, Caroline has launched the Valuable 500 campaign - a global movement designed to put disability on the business leadership agenda. The campaign is looking for 500 companies to join – demonstrating their commitment at the most senior levels. 

Community Business is proud to be partnering with Caroline to promote this campaign in Asia. Join this webinar to find out more from Caroline directly. 


Event Speakers

  • Caroline Casey

    Caroline Casey

    Disability Activist

Disability Activist

Caroline Casey

Caroline Casey is an award-winning social entrepreneur, Ashoka Fellow and Young Global Leader of the World Economic Forum. Since taking the life-changing decision at 28 to leave her career in management consulting, Caroline has committed to creating inclusion for all. In 2000, she rode 1,000 kilometres across India on an elephant to raise funds for Sight Savers. Then, as founding CEO of Kanchi, in Dublin, she developed a set of best practices for businesses, to help them see "disabled" workers as an asset, as opposed to a liability. Hundreds of companies have adopted these standards, changing their policies and attitudes. In 2015 Casey founded business inclusion company Binc which, in August 2017, launched #valuable – a worldwide ‘call to action’ for business to recognise the value and potential of the 1 billion people living with a disability and position disability equally on the global business agenda. To start the conversation and build momentum, Casey, who is registered blind, embarked on a 1,000km horse adventure through Colombia, ending with a keynote address at ‘One Young World Summit 2017’ in Bogota, Colombia.

Community Business Partners with Valuable 500 in Asia