19 Jul 2019

An Introduction to Diversity & Inclusion

Use interactive exercises to demonstrate the power of Diversity and Inclusion and impact at an individual and team level


Leveraging over a decade of expertise and experience leading, inspiring, and supporting companies in advancing their diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy across Asia, this introductory session, explores the fundamental concepts of D&I and use interactive exercises to demonstrate their power and impact at an individual and team level.

The session will:  

  • Introduce key concepts of diversity and inclusion from an Asian perspective 

  • Provide an understanding of why D&I is important for business, teams and employees 

  • Raise awareness of what can get in the way of creating an inclusive workplace  

  • Provide top tips on developing an inclusive culture 

Why Attend 

  • Understand D&I and the connection with the company’s business, leadership, teams and employees 

  • Learn best practices from other companies 

  • Be equipped to build an inclusive culture 

Community Business is ideally positioned to provide training and consulting, upskilling your employees and advising you on your responsible and inclusive business strategy in Asia. 

We work with organisations of all sizes, across different industries, to offer a range of training modules addressing different aspects of responsible and inclusive business. Our content is grounded in our research and draws on insights from the region, including local best practice. It can be delivered in a variety of formats depending on your audience and objectives. 

Target Audience 

  • Function: General / Mixed 

  • Level: General / Mixed

Event Speakers

  • Tina Arcilla

    Tina Arcilla

    Head, Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network, Community Business
    Tina is the Head of Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) of Community Business

Head, Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network, Community Business

Tina Arcilla

Head of Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN), based in Hong Kong. She is responsible for managing the Diversity and Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN), the leading network of companies and professionals committed to advancing diversity and inclusion in Asia.

Tina was lauded for her student activism and her work on various official and student-led publications when she studied in university. She was also awarded the Gerry Roxas Leadership Award, a national accolade for young leaders in the Philippines.

Prior to joining Community Business, Tina was a corporate governance advocate working with the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) of Philippines. There she managed ICD Fellows membership, updated Professional Directors Programme, developed bespoke board governance tools for a major bank, and helped organise the 2009 OECD Asian Roundtable.

Graduated from the University of Asia and the Pacific in Manila, Philippines, Tina holds a Bachelor degree of Arts in Political Economy. She is fluent in English.