Based on the framework set out by the recent Tripartite Advisory on Managing Workplace Harassment, which recommends that all companies train their staff in this area, this workshop on Managing Workplace Harassment and Being an Empathetic Manager will help managers to understand the fundamentals of recognising and avoiding workplace harassment – including sexual harassment and corporate bullying.

Interactive in nature, this workshop will give participants an understanding and awareness of harassment, including learning to recognise and respond to it on an individual and organisational level. They will learn to set boundaries in an assertive yet diplomatic manner should they experience harassment, and to avoid behaviour which may be construed as harassment.

The workshop will also equip managers with the knowledge of how to handle a complaint through fair, sensitive investigations, including providing tools and techniques for dealing with incidents of workplace harassment calmly and empathetically. By developing nurturing, compassionate and effective managers in your organisation, you can create supportive working environments where employees feel that their safety and concerns are valued.      

Catalyse Consulting is a business unit of the Association of Women for Action and Research. Our work to create safe and inclusive work spaces supports the programmes of AWARE.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn the types and effects of harassing behaviour that may arise in the workplace
  • Learn how to respond to harassment in an assertive yet tactful manner, and draw boundaries
  • Learn how to manage workplace harassment sensitively – as affected bystanders, and as managers – including how to escalate the situation appropriately
  • Learn tools and techniques to respond empathetically to incidences of harassment when they are reported to them
  • Become more aware of your own behaviours and how they may be construed by co-workers and clients
  • Develop the desire to promote a safe and inclusive workplace

Event Speakers

Elisa Kang

Trainer, Catalyse Consultng

Elisa Kang has 13 years of international experience in the wealth management industry and has been an advisor and counsellor to individuals, families and family offices, on strategic asset allocation, family business dynamics and legacy issues. She has conducted numerous internal trainings and client workshops throughout her career, and brings her love for engaging with people to Catalyse Consulting as one of its newest trainers. Elisa conducts training on Workplace Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Diversity & Inclusion as well as Empathy for Managers. Elisa has a Bachelor degree in Business Studies from NTU, a Masters degree in Counselling from Monash University and is currently a part-time counsellor at the SMU Mrs Wong Kwok Leung Student Counselling Centre. She has also spent some time as a volunteer counsellor with the AWARE’s Support Services team. She is a certified Level 1 Gottman Method Couples Therapy counsellor, and has certifications in Family Wealth Advising, and Family Governance Facilitation.

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