• 10.00 -

    Childhood Anxiety in Times of Turbulence

    David Sheehan
    This session will be for parents & care givers who are full of the best intentions but feel perhaps somewhat ill-prepared for helping guide their children to adulthood. Key takeaways from the session will include how to recognise when a child is suffering anxiety, recognition of experiences / events that may cause or exacerbate anxiety, ideas on how to initiate conversations with a child who may be experiencing anxiety and when is it a good idea to seek assistance external to the family.
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  • 11.00 -

    Digital Mental Health Solutions

    Megan Lam
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  • 13.00 -

    How to Channel Energy to Overcome Insecurities and Traumas

    Mridula Sankhyayan
    How can one understand, accept and challenge the insecurities that hold us back? This session will look at explore how meditation and the practice of mindfulness can help focus our minds and optimise mental wellness. It will explore the research behind the techniques and examine where it has been successful in the business world.
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  • 14.00 -

    Mental Health Considerations for Young People Entering the Workforce

    Sky Siu
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