7 Sep 2017

Owning Your Leadership Journey

Lessons in courage and crafting an authentic leadership brand


The only way we will have a meaningful career and leadership journey is if we stop looking at external parameters of leadership and create internal markers of success. However, many women are so busy playing the roles of employee, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend that they lose touch with what matters to them. In this session, we learn to identify the barriers that exist in stepping into our power and manage the voices that hold us back. We then finished with the tangible outcome of crafting a personal brand statement that reflects who we are and who we can be.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand what it means to do the inner work of leadership and to create an internal compass for leading oneself
  • Manage the inner negative voice that prevents us from doing our best work
  • Create an authentic personal brand that signals our true worth to ourselves and others.

Event Speakers

  • Dr. Tanvi Gautam

    Dr. Tanvi Gautam

    Founder, Leadershift Inc

Founder, Leadershift Inc

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

An award winning speaker, consultant and facilitator with a global footprint. Dr. Tanvi is a highly regarded name in circles that aim to create authentic, inclusive and engaged workplaces. Winner of the game changer award by Workforce magazine USA, Quoted in prominent forums like Harvard Business Review, she has a stellar list of clients like Microsoft, Medtronics, SAP and more. A top 10 Social media influencer in Human Resources on Twitter she has her own global podcast. Listed in many blogs on women of impact globally she brings a multi-cultural perspective to the projects she takes up. She is also Asia's first certified storytelling coach working with C-suite and below to create inspired and engaged leaders and workplaces.

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