28 Apr 2019

Privilege: An exploration in the Hong Kong context


As part of the Global Shapers community, we all strive to create positive social impact through our work and initiatives. With that said…

Have we considered the concept of privilege when conducting our work?

Are we sure that we are in touch with the needs of the communities that we wish to serve?

Are we unintentionally adding our personal biases into our work?

We invite you to a 3-hour programme to explore the concept of privilege and how to engage with the wider community of Hong Kong.

Participants will have a chance to reflect upon their privileges through taking part in a privilege walk. There will also be a panel discussion featuring leaders at impactful organisations in Hong Kong.

We look forward to having you join us in making a step closer to understanding the concept of privilege and the needs of our community.

We invite you to read The Origins of “Privilege”’ by Joshua Rothman, featured in The New Yorker, 2014, as a taster of the concept of privilege.

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