5 May 2017

Promoting Social Inclusion

Senior Executive Roundtable on Promoting Social Inclusion in companies in India


Community Business's ‘Promoting Social Inclusion’ program in India focuses on engaging senior business leaders to facilitate discussion on the role of companies in India.  Roundtables will engage groups of approximately 15-20 senior business leaders.  Each event will also include a Guest Speaker – a thought leader/expert on promoting social inclusion.  The Guest speaker will set the context for the discussion before opening the floor for a participant discussion.

Why you should attend:

  • Provide a forum for senior executives to explore the topic of ‘promoting social inclusion’ and discuss the role of their companies
  • Explore what social inclusion means in the Indian context and what some of the common challenges and opportunities are of developing programs
  • Provide thought leadership and insight through the engagement of experts
  • Showcase leading approaches to promoting social inclusion by companies in India and drive the adoption of best practice by the wider corporate sector
  • Provide motivation for action and recommendations to companies on steps that can be take to promote social inclusion.
  • Discuss data gathered for the upcoming research publication

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