• 9:30am -

    What REALLY is resilience?

    Enoch Li, Founder of BEARAPY
    What do you do when life throws you a curve ball? Many of us have heard the term “resilience” and understand the importance of strengthening it for our daily lives. But how, exactly? And how do we prepare for when life sends us surprises we do not expect?
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  • 11:00am -

    In conversation with Andy Clark

    Andy Clark
    Andy will introduce the field of NLP and how it can have a powerful impact on improving mental health and resilience. We will look at tools such as submodalities and anchoring as simple ways to generate more control of our internal worlds and our emotions.
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  • 1:45pm -

    Creating a vibrant culture through 'mental toughness'

    Paul Lyons, CEO of Mental Toughness
    Mentally Tough people possess greater self-belief and approach life more positively. This “can do” attitude leads to greater rapport and connectivity with colleagues and customers and so they help to create a more vibrant and energetic culture.
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  • 3:00pm -

    Support your team to build resilience

    Gian Power, CEO of TLC Lions
    TLC Lions aims to create a world where inclusion and wellbeing are woven into the fabric & DNA of all working environments. 
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