23 Jun 2020

Tackling Burnout in the Workplace – Build Resilient Teams in Times of Change

This is an interactive session to equip participants with practical knowledge on signs of burnout and skills to foster resilience within teams to achieve their goals.  


Are your employees feeling burnt out and distressed in the face of higher job demands, political uncertainties and now, an epidemic/ health scare? As a leader or manager responsible for the wellbeing of your team, are you aware of the signs of burnout and emotional distress? Would you like to equip yourself with the skills to offer the right kind of support? Join us for an interactive session to learn how to spot signs of emotional and physical burnout across workplaces in Asia. Takeaway practical tips to help you foster resilience within your teams and build confidence in your ability to support and motivate your team to achieve their goals.   


Key Takeaways

  • Recognise the signs of burnout and how to tackle underlying contributing factors and the impact of local culture.
  • Understand the unique challenges employees face when working through challenging socioeconomic and personal transitions. 
  • Explore strategies to help employees feel engaged and improve their sense of belonging.
  • Takeaway practical ways to build resilience for yourself and create a team environment that encourages everyone to seek support.


Target Audience

  • Senior Leaders
  • HR 
  • D&I Representatives
  • All Levels 

Event Speakers

  • Sakshi Kumar

    Sakshi Kumar

    Programme & Content Manager, Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) at Community Business

Programme & Content Manager, Diversity & Inclusion in Asia Network (DIAN) at Community Business

Sakshi Kumar

Sakshi is Programme and Content Manager, DIAN, based in Hong Kong. She is mainly responsible for developing, designing and delivering content-rich and engaging meetings for DIAN.

Sakshi has been working in the not-for-profit sector throughout her career. It has greatly influenced her interest in advocating for inclusion and promoting representation of diverse groups and interests. Prior to joining Community Business, Sakshi worked as Programme Coordinator at a local NGO, overseeing the planning, budget management, stakeholder engagement and process improvement of projects. She was also responsible for developing training modules covering mental wellness, self-awareness for youth participants, teachers and parents. On a personal level, she offers her skills as a counsellor at another local NGO, mainly helping the adult population experiencing acute stress-related anxiety and transition challenges.

Graduated from Monash University, Sakshi holds a Master degree of Arts in Counselling. She is fluent in English.