10 Dec 2020

Unleashing the Power of Diversity and Inclusion (China)

Participants will reflect on their own experience and examine how well their teams are doing in fostering the D&I culture.


Some of you may have attended training on the definition of diversity and Iiclusion, unconscious bias, business case, and so on but how effective are you exercising your knowledge and how much change have you contributed to your team and your organisation? 

In this workshop, you will reflect on your own experience and apply your knowledge in your own job role. You will examine how well you and your team are doing in fostering the D&I culture. You will also learn specific behaviours, languages, and skills to be successful in shaping an inclusive workplace. 


  • Workshop Delivery in Mandarin and slides in English


Key Takeaways

  • Dynamics of building a stronger D&I culture 
  • Competencies/Capabilities of an inclusive leader 
  • Success factors to advance D&I strategies 


Target Audience

  • D&I representatives
  • Leaders/Senior Executives
  • HR
  • Resource Group Representatives 

Event Speakers

  • Michael Chan

    Michael Chan

    Manager, DIAN Learning and Engagement at Community Business

Manager, DIAN Learning and Engagement at Community Business

Michael Chan

Michael is currently Manager of DIAN Learning and Engagement at Community Business. He is a Diversity, Inclusion, and Well-being Professional with cross-disciplinary knowledge in psychology and public health. Michael supports clients across a range of industries to find solutions to diversity challenges within their business by providing a combination of consulting and training services, as well as conducting roundtables and mixers to facilitate discussions on diversity, inclusion, and employee wellbeing as a societal and business issue.

On a voluntary basis, Michael is part of the Global Shapers Community Hong Kong Hub, a global youth leadership initiative of the World Economic Forum. He is leading the hub’s mental health initiative, branded as “Shaping Minds”, that aims to raise awareness about workplace mental wellbeing, normalizes the discussion on workplace mental health, and ultimately improves community wellbeing of Hong Kong.

Michael is also an alumnus of the American Express Leadership Academy, a leadership program for young social purpose leaders and innovators. He is interested in anything related to diversity and inclusion, public health, and the translation of psychological science research to the real world.

A graduate of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michael holds a Bachelor Degree of Arts in Psychology, and he completed his Master of Public Health at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is native in Cantonese and fluent in English and Mandarin.