26 Nov 2019

Working In & Out of the Box

The Box - a simple, yet powerful tool transcending language and cultural barriers - simplifies complex concepts by making invisible physical, and by making the unconscious conscious


Wear The Box to understand the impact of your unconscious bias on your day to day thinking. Your unconscious thinking impacts you MORE than the box you are wearing.  


When people say, “Think out of the box,” what is “the box?” 

  • The Box represents the invisible boundaries of your thinking.  

Create a physical representation of your unconscious bias…your “box”  

  • Creating a physical map of our unconscious thinking allows us to make conscious decisions about our future thinking.  

Draw on the outside of the box is what others see, hear and observer.  

  • Authenticity helps improve the alignment between your private and public self.  

Reflect on the filters you use to understand and be understood (language, culture, gender, experience, job function, etc.)  

  • The Front of The Box represents the filters of your past learning and current context.  

  • Curiosity  

Challenge judgements we make about self and others through having a more open mind.  

  • Being open-minded is about suspending judgements to understand other people’s thinking and perspective in order to improve our ability to work and achieve together with chemistry.  

Be a part of the solution to other people’s pressure through empathy.  


Apply the learnings by adjusting your own Box  

  • Authenticity – How can I be more real with others?  

  • Curiosity – How can I take a real interest in others to improve our chemistry?  

  • Open Mindedness – How can I reduce judgements to make space for differences?  

  • Empathy – How can I better understand and be a solution for the pressure others are under? 


Why Attend 

  • The Box is a simple, yet powerful tool that has been used at all organisational levels with a variety of applications 

  • The Box transcends language and cultural barriers having been used in more than 20 countries and 10 languages 

  • The Box simplifies complex concepts by making invisible physical, and by making the unconscious conscious 

  • You will receive and personalise your own box to reflect, share with others and make improvements 

  • The Box is fun, memorable and enjoyable 

  • The box can be deployed by outside consultants, or through internal certified trainers. The Box TTT can be delivered face to face or via a well-tested online learning platform (more than 40 successful online trainers certified in 2018 alone) 


Target Audience 

  • Function: General / Mixed 

  • Level: Senior  

Event Speakers

  • Jimbo Clark

    Jimbo Clark

    Founder, Facilitator, Creative Innovation Expert, Innogreat Consulting
    Jimbo Clark is the Founder, Facilitator, Creative Innovation Expert of Innogreat Consulting

Founder, Facilitator, Creative Innovation Expert, Innogreat Consulting

Jimbo Clark

Jimbo is a facilitator living in Asia for more than 30 years with a focus on innovation and creativity in the decision making process through raising awareness of unconscious bias and moving leadership, teams and organisations to a more effective space through improving inclusion, diversity and creativity.

He is the creator of “In & Out of the Box,” a powerful tool that makes unconscious biases visible and leads to new possibilities through conscious and thoughtful reflection and discussion. “The Box” has been used with more 9,000 participants in more than 100 companies in more than 20 countries through nearly 100 trained facilitators.

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