Videos | 1 Jan 2020

2019 Mental Health LIVE! Day Video with Megan Lan


Research highlights a direct link between employee wellbeing, productivity and performance. Employers who invest in their employee’s wellbeing reap a range of profit-boosting benefits -  from higher engagement levels on the one side, to reduced costs associated with absenteeism and attrition on the other.

Responsible businesses put employee wellbeing at the heart of their people strategy - because beyond the business case, ultimately our organisations are about people, and we have a duty of care to ensure our employees are happy, healthy and engaged.

Mental Health Live! Day

In 2019, Community Business hosted and promoted three Live! Days on our Asia Employee Wellbeing Virtual Platform. We streamed a programme of live webinars in the Virtual Auditorium and brought our viewers some fresh insights by connecting them with the experts.

Learn more about our speaker: Megan Lam