Videos | 7 Sep 2018

Better Than Normal

Community Business India Conference 2018

Born with cerebral palsy, 25-year old Hitesh Ramchandani has spent his life determined to prove wrong, those who said he would never live a ‘normal life’. In his book, Better Than Normal, he shares his life story and challenges assumptions about people with disabilities.

Due to medical complications at the time of his birth, Hitesh was born with Cerebral Palsy and grew up with severe challenges with co-ordination , mobility and speech. Whilst medical professionals were pessimistic about his future, Hitesh remained determined to overcome his challenges to create an extraordinary life.

Today, Hitesh is an author, national Paralympic footballer, a Neuro-Linguistics Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Transformational Coach and Inspirational Speaker. His key message is one of personal empowerment – not just for those with disabilities, but for all: ‘During adversity you can either give up or get up’.

Hitesh has ambitious goals: “My dream is to inspire 50,000,000 people by just 1% to live a better than normal life!” Attend this session – and be one of them!