Podcasts | 23 May 2018

Episode 4: Thriving in a multi-cultural workplace and building resilience

Suzanne Price, Founder of Price Global, joins us for our fourth podcast instalment where we discuss the key challenges that Asians face and the importance of mental health in the modern workplace.

DIAN Decade Thought Leadership Podcast Series features a number of leading D&I experts that we have worked with over the years with Asian market knowledge. Each podcast will address a different topic, depending on the expertise of the featured expert.

Thriving in a multi-cultural workplace and building resilience

Diversity and Inclusion must, at its core, recognise the siloed issues that individuals face based on their race, culture, nationality, or gender. In this hard hitting podcast, Suzanne Price tackles the key challenges that Asians face, including double image management, female leadership and Asian leadership, unconscious bias and resilience. The conversation will also cover the importance of mental health and its role in the modern workplace. 

Suzanne Price

Founder, Price Global

Suzanne Price was honoured with the British Business Award ‘Entrepreneur of the Year, 2012’ as the leader of Price Global, a change agent specialising in Diversity and Inclusion, based in Tokyo. Price Global’s approach incorporates applied psychology to work with the whole system in providing consulting, training programmes and coaching. Price Global are particularly known for their Leadership Development Programmes for Women in Asia and for complimenting these initiatives with awareness-raising, behavioural and attitudinal development programmes. Suzanne has designed and implemented award winning D&I initiatives for clients. She currently serves as an external advisor to the D&I committees of a number of companies. She previously served as Head of D&I at UBS Securities, as an internal Consultant to Goldman Sachs and as Vice President of the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan. Suzanne transitioned from a clinical background and former career as a Psychotherapist.

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