Podcasts | 14 Jun 2018

Episode 5: Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change in the 21st Century

Gulnar Vaswani, Chief Cultural Officer, joins us for our fifth podcast instalment where we discuss how global dynamics affect cultures and the workplace.

DIAN Decade Thought Leadership Podcast Series features a number of leading D&I experts that we have worked with over the years with Asian market knowledge. Each podcast will address a different topic, depending on the expertise of the featured expert.

Inclusive Leadership and Culture Change in the 21st Century

What is behavioural change? How do you implement it, and how do you ensure the change is long-lasting? In this episode, we talk tactics with Gulnar Vaswani who shares her tips and insights into how global dynamics affect cultures and the workplace. Gulnar Vaswani works across Asia as a talent management strategist, an advisor and an enabler. She is re-imagining the image of leaders in the 21st Century. She is passionate about helping leaders understand and embrace inclusiveness across cultural dynamics and diversity.

Gulnar Vaswani

Chief Cultural Officer, Gulnar Vaswani

Over the last 15 years, Gulnar Vaswani has built up extensive global experience in a wide array of organisations across a range of disciplines. Early in her career, she worked on the business and financial side of multinationals, non-governmental organisations, private enterprises, education, and government sectors as a consultant in various leadership roles. Since 2008, Gulnar has transitioned into full-time consulting work to pursue her passion – people development. She is an accomplished advisor, facilitator, trainer and executive coach. Gulnar is engaged both by multinational corporations and by professional groups such as the Young President’s Organisation. She has a particular interest in working with diversity and inclusion issues with an emphasis on cross-cultural dynamics in the workplace. Other areas of focus include gender initiatives, Emotional Intelligence and Diversity, and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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