Speaking Engagements | 3 Jul 2018

"How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive?” Global Leadership Experiences Hong Kong Day 1 – Setting the Challenge


As part of the Global Leader Experiences Hong Kong Programme, 68 students from University of Hong Kong, University of Birmingham and University of Nottingham go through an intense leadership experience - investigating a complex challenge, and generating innovative solutions. For 2018, the challenge is “How do smart cities ensure they are inclusive?”

As the same challenge is tackled in cities across the world, students can connect with each other through the year to exchange ideas and collaborate. As more and more people live in cities, it can place pressure on transport, infrastructure, education, employment, the environment, housing, healthcare and policing. The culture of the city, and the behaviour of its citizens and organizations also has a significant impact on city life. The session explores how some of these demands play out in Hong Kong and how we can address them, asking:

  • How do we as global leaders help cities serve everyone better?
  • How can everyone who shares the space – from different backgrounds, beliefs, generations, geographies, specializations and sectors - live and thrive?
  • How can we make sure that smart cities provide opportunities to all, and lead the way in innovating ways of living and working together?


  • Tina Arcilla, Senior Manager - DIAN, Community Business 
  • Janet Pau, Programme Director, Asia Business Council