Videos | 16 Oct 2018

Mindfulness – A Way to Cultivate Exceptional Emotional and Mental Balance at Work

Asia Employee Wellbeing Week Webinar Series

Support coordination is a service which may be allocated on a participant’s NDIS plan to provide help to implement their plan and bring their goals to life. The NDIA allocates this service type, and the participant has a choice of support coordination provider. What this statement means, is a support coordination service will assist a person and their family to understand their NDIS Plan, check on what supports in the community or what mainstream services such as education or health could help to meet their goals.

In this webinar, mindfulness expert and coach, Tony Dickel shares proven techniques to improve effectiveness while also increasing resilience and well-being, particularly under stress. Participants attending this session will learn how to:

- Cultivate a mindset supporting enhanced focus, mental effectiveness, emotional balance/intelligence and resilience
- Replace "mindless busyness" with "mindful business"
- Master your mind to improve leadership of yourself and others
- Discover your unique "values compass" - the key to authentic leadership and effortless decision-making
- Learn neuroscience-backed and scientifically-validated tools to improve your and your teams' effectiveness