Speaking Engagements | 20 Jul 2018

Volunteering 2.0 Workshop


This event comprised of a workshop on how to enhance the corporate volunteering landscape in Hong Kong and create real impact through meaningful volunteering, organised by Ming Wai Youth Office (MWYO). 

The best businesses fulfill their corporate social responsibility (CSR) in many different ways, but probably the most effective means is to engage employees to volunteer and give back to society. This is especially true with young employees, whose energy and drive can often make a significant impact through their community service. The challenge for businesses is to understand their young employees and what they want from volunteering, leverage their passion and interest, and channel it all towards meaningful volunteering. At this event, we will share with participants trends and new norms in the youth volunteering landscape in Hong Kong. We will highlight the various volunteering patterns among youth nowadays: from token volunteering to purpose-driven service; from purely-altruistic acts to incentive-based online platforms. With this background, we will offer ideas for businesses on how to improve the corporate volunteering experience for their young employees, whether this is conducted independently or in collaboration with other community partners, and create a real impact together.

MWYO is a youth-oriented think tank founded by Mr. Ming Wai Lau. The organisation aims to listen to Hong Kong’s youth, and channel their views and concerns into the public policy making process. MWYO have been conducting innovative youth-related research projects since 2015. There findings have been presented or submitted to the Government, secondary schools, tertiary institutions, non-governmental organisations and other stakeholders. Going forward, MWYO will continue to generate knowledge and discourse to support Hong Kong’s youth development, in ways that are innovative and authentic to our young people.