2019 Asia Employee Wellbeing Virtual Platform

Focus Area | Ensuring Employee Wellbeing
Our leading edge Virtual Platform - packed full of resources and tools to lead, inspire and support your employee wellbeing strategy in Asia.

In 2019, we’re enhancing this platform, making it available all year round and refreshing the content on a regular basis. In addition we’re planning a programme of live webinars throughout 2019 on the theme of emotional wellbeing.

For just US $250 you can gain unlimited access – for all your employees, in all markets across Asia - until 31 December 2019. We’ll be launching the updated platform on 20 March 2019, International Day of Happiness



Encouraging a holistic approach to employee wellbeing, the Virtual Platform is structured around the following key themes:



We launched the updated platform on 20 March 2019, International Day of Happiness. The Virtual Platform offers the following features:

Virtual Auditorium:
Presenting a programme of ‘Live Webinars’ throughout 2019, featuring guest experts on the topics of:

Resource Centre
Providing a central repository of employee wellbeing resources for you to leverage, including links to research, articles, videos and more.

Regional Event Calendar:
Highlighting employee wellbeing events taking place in different markets across Asia throughout 2019.

Virtual Marketplace:
Showcasing and connecting you with NGOs, trainers and consultants in the Asia region with expertise on different aspects of employee wellbeing.

Promo Kit:
Comprising marketing materials that you can use to promote Asia Employee Wellbeing Week 2019 and your company’s commitment internally, including posters, social media messages, key statistics and talking points, email signatures and more.

Partnership Opportunities

The enhancement and extension of this Virtual Platform in 2019, provides a variety of partnership opportunities for those who are looking to raise the profile of their commitment and expertise on employee wellbeing.

Demonstrate Your Commitment - Be a Corporate Sponsor! 
If you are looking to demonstrate your leadership and position your brand as an employer of choice, we invite you to sponsor this Virtual Platform. Please contact us to discuss the options and benefits.

Showcase Your Expertise – Book a Virtual Booth!
If you are looking to raise the profile of your organisation and showcase your expertise to a targeted audience of companies across the Asia region, we invite you to book a booth in the interactive Virtual Marketplace. Here online visitors – your potential clients - will be able to browse the materials you have on display and interact with your organisation directly.

There are 2 types of booth available – Gold (US $500) and Standard (US $250), each with a number of additional benefits, including opportunity to:

  • Promote events that you are running in the Regional Event Calendar
  • Post materials relating to employee wellbeing (eg. research tools) in the Resource Centre

Spread the Word - Be a Supporting Organisation! 
If you are an NGO whose work relates to promoting employee wellbeing in Asia, we invite you to partner with Community Business to raise awareness of this Virtual Platform. In return, we’ll acknowledge your organisation by feature your logo on the Platform.  Please contact us for more information.